Xbox one s vs PS4 Pro Comparison

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If you have a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One S, you should. Since both consoles came out in 2016, this has been the subject of a great deal of concern. With both the Sony PS4 and Xbox One mid-cycle upgrades, Microsoft and Sony showed a new approach to console development, one in which players could enjoy better hardware, 4K Ultra HD picture quality, and enhanced features without having to jump ship to a whole new console. Currently, if you’re shopping for a powerful gaming console with the most complex graphics, you’ll probably be looking at the PS4 Pro and Xbox One S, which are both powerful upgrades over the original PS4 and Xbox One, respectively. Xbox One X is an even more powerful UHD powerhouse, but we’ve covered each of the main differences between the current Xbox consoles separately in a separate article. In the event that you’re not too concerned about the best graphics and the maximum power, we recommend adding the Nintendo Switch to the mix as an alternative and directing you to our comparison hub. At the moment, we’ll take a closer look at two of the new consoles that we first offered. Both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S are Pro models. Some would argue that since so many new consoles have launched in recent years, and more are on the way, this isn’t really a matter of pressing moment – at least, not at the moment. However, if you don’t want to spend as much money on an Xbox One X right now but want a 4K capable console, then these are the two best options. Our guide focuses on these two pieces of hardware specifically, though for a full comparison of both systems, be sure to view our full guide to Xbox One vs PS4, which discusses everything from the console’s controllers to its game library

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro Graphics

One of the most distinguishing features of both consoles is their 4K output. However, how each console achieves this is slightly different from the other. Upscaling is used on the Xbox One S to generate its 4K output in games. In order to have the games render at a maximum resolution of 4K, the resolution is upscaled up to 1080p (or whether it is referred to as 2K or Full HD). The fact that 4K has four times the resolution of Full HD means that with the One S, each pixel of the game is stretched across four pixels of your TV, with the result being an image that’s considerably less crisp and detailed than what 4K is Similarly, the PS4 Pro is not always able to display native 4K content, such as Skyrim, but it is more often upscaled from HD. At least it is more clever about how it does it with its PS4 Pro, though. While each game handles its pixel scaling in a slightly different way, a general trend to date has been that games render at a resolution between Full HD and 4K and then use a more advanced pixel scaling technique called ‘checkerboard rendering’ to fill its 4K resolution. We talk about checkerboard rendering. The subject can get a little complicated very quickly, but the main point to learn is that the PS4 Pro can display images that look very close to native 4K content, which is a far cry better than what the Xbox One S can display.

With the addition of the aptly named ‘Boost Mode’ in its 4.5 firmware update, the PS4 Pro has given itself a big boost. It is ideal for developers to enable ‘Pro Mode’ on the PS4 Pro’s software so that games can use the increased power of the hardware. This is an additional line of code in the software that allows the game to take advantage of the enhanced As a result of the new Boost Mode feature, even games that do not have this patch can take advantage of the extra power of the console and run at a more stable framerate and with As the years pass, most games will support (if not all) the Pro’s features, but it’s good to know for now that the vast majority of the console’s existing games will also benefit from the additional functionality. As well as 4K, HDR has recently became one of the hot new trends in image technology, and both consoles support it On the Xbox One S, the list is only made up of games that are specifically upgraded to support HDR and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, while on the PS4 Pro the list should include most of the games that have a Pro mode. Unlike the PS4 Pro, however, the PS4 Pro does not have a 4K Blu-ray player — more on this later. Thus, the amount of PS4 Pro games that support HDR is much higher than the number of Xbox One S games that do. However, for those of you who care about audio, the Xbox One S also supports the latest in surround sound to include The Xbox One S has the edge in audio, but you’ll need a premium soundbar to make the most of it (see our guide to the best soundbars for some recommendations). But if you want the best of the best, the Xbox One S delivers.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro Games

Grafiks are of course only important if you want to play the games, so although both consoles offer a variety of awesome exclusives, the games that are available are quite similar. Several great Xbox One exclusives have recently been released for the console. With Gears of War 4, we have seen the Gears of War series reborn, and with Forza Horizon 3, we have enjoyed experiencing arcade racing like never before. Microsoft is also the home of the Halo series, and while the games haven’t been quite the same since Bungie’s development duties passed to 343 Industries, Halo 5 still managed to stand out from the crowd. One final point in the Xbox’s favor is that its backwards compatibility is currently in much better shape than PlayStation’s. Sadly, you won’t be able to play every Xbox 360 game released during its ten-year lifespan on the Xbox One S, but there is an ever-increasing list of 360 games that will play fine. In the meantime, the PS4 has its own share of excellent exclusives as well. include Uncharted 4, Horizon A Space Odyssey, and Nier Automata We’ve seen excellent remakes of The Last of Us and Ratchet & Clank since the original series released in 2012. With respect to exclusives, the PS4 is weaker than the Xbox in the racing game department. There are several great racing titles in the Forza series for the Xbox One, while Driveclub is the only racing game on the PS4 right now (which is good). The vast majority of this generation’s largest games have been released on both consoles, regardless of the debate over specific releases. The likes of Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, Overwatch, and Hitman have all appeared on both the PS4 and Xbox One this year, and most third-party publishers will more or less support each console equally in the future (and there may be occasional exclusive timed content or DLC). You can find guides on the best Xbox One games and the best PlayStation 4 games if you want to see the full list of all the top games on each console (exclusive or not).

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro Films and Media

The two consoles also differ in some respects in regards to films and media, but are similar in some. Clearly the most significant difference between the Xbox One S and the Xbox One is its Ultra HD Blu-ray player, allowing it to play Ultra HD Blu-rays in all of their full In the meantime, the discs are not necessarily easy to find, but if a movie or TV show is available in this format, I recommend choosing the 4K version, and as time goes on, the format is bound to slowly take over, much like Blu-ray has Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube are all available in HDR and 4K on both consoles, and both consoles can handle Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube in all of its While both video streaming and Ultra HD Blu-ray have their drawbacks, neither is perfect. If you want a good quality 4K stream, you’ll need a pretty strong internet connection (Netflix, for example, recommends a connection speed of 25mbits or higher), and 4K discs are expensive and not available for most movies or In contrast, while both PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S have their limitations, only the Xbox One S gives you a choice between the two, whereas with the PS4 Pro you are forced to choose between the two by the absence of a Blu-ray burner.

Xbox One S vs PS4 Pro Price

While we’d love for money to have no effect on gaming purchases, the reality is that for most consumers, price is a factor that makes a big difference when deciding what to buy, and this is considerably more apparent around the holidays. A greater advantage belongs to the Xbox One S in the price department. In fact, at $349 (£299 / AU$499), the console is a mere penny less than the PS4 Pro, which costs $399 (£349 / In spite of that, there are always bargains to be had, particularly in this console generation, so be sure to check out our best Xbox One and best PS4 deals pages to see what discounts are available. For those of you who do not want to wait, here are the best Xbox One S and PS4 Pro details for today.