Top Picks: Laptop Cooling Pads


You will see a noticeable improvement in your device’s performance when you use the best laptop cooling pads. I don’t care if you like to play on your laptop on the couch which doesn’t provide you with proper ventilation, or if your laptop gets too hot when gaming. If you use a cooling pad, your performance will improve, as well as your battery life. You might also find that your portable is more comfortable to use. Nowadays, it is more essential than ever to invest in a laptop cooling pad, regardless of whether the pad will be placed on the table or on your lap. Although thermal throttling and other heat related issues are part of thin and light laptops, an engineering effort to keep heat at bay is never enough. These kinds of laptops are most commonly found in kitted-out models with powerful components such as Nvidia’s Anyone who needs to transport their laptop will need this in their setup, including gamers, content creators, and anyone else pushing their laptop. In addition to the added cooling output from a laptop cooling pad, a metal chassis will provide extra thermal protection, especially when running intensive programs such as PC games or video editing programs. Find out which one suits your needs best by contacting us. On our list below you will find a pad for whatever purpose you require it for.

1. Kootek Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5

In fact, Kootek is the company behind a highly impressive laptop cooling pad that uses five fans to deliver significant cooling (the middle fan is a 120mm model surrounded by two 70mm models) that is still quietly quiet. 

There are two stoppers at the front to prevent the notebook from sliding off the cooling pad. This cooling pad is compatible with laptops measuring 12″ to 17″, so it fits all common laptop sizes. The device boasts two USB 2.0 ports as well as a USB hub. The cooling pad that we recommend is not only flexible as well as high quality, but also comes in at an affordable price. With that in mind, it is our pick for an all-rounder that covers everything without breaking the bank.

2. Cooler Master Notepal XL

As you might expect, Cooler Master knows how to make things cool, and its Notepal is no exception. The laptop uses a single large 230mm fan – astonishingly quiet, we might add – a fan speed controller, and a system designed to be able to provide ‘optimal airflow flow’ through it. The device can move air at a rate of 89.8 cubic feet per minute, which is an impressive amount of space Cooling with a very high level of effectiveness. In addition, you will also find nonslip feet designed to provide stability when placed on a surface, along with a slight tilted ergonomic design that aims to give you the best angle to use the keyboard. Three USB ports are located around the back of the device as a bonus. In addition to this, the Notepal XL holds laptops as large as 17 inches, and the cooling performance it offers is not too expensive for the size of laptop it can accommodate. While this is a pricey alternative to the Kootek, the Kootek just has a bigger advantage with it’s versatility. In the unlikely event you can’t locate the Kootek outside of the US – stock in some regions is thin on the ground – then check out these powerful alternatives.

3. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB

This Thermaltake cooling pad is an ideal choice for those who need a cooling solution for a hefty laptop – it can handle a 17-inch laptop, but also accommodate 19-inch gaming laptops if necessary. Featuring one 200mm fan for cooling (fan speed can be adjusted), as well as three different height settings (up to an angle of 13 degrees). It can cool big laptops efficiently. You can also use it with RGB lighting around the edges of the pad, which is adjustable (either pulsing or blinking), or simply static lighting of different colors. Although it’s made from plastic and the build quality isn’t the greatest you’ll encounter in the cooling pad world, it’s strong enough to carry the weight of a In addition to the price, this is a fairly large one.

4. Enermax TwisterOdio 16

One option for laptop cooling pads that does something a little different than the norm is an accessory with speakers that not only prevents your notebook from getting too hot, but also keeps it cool. Aside from dealing with heat, another area in which laptops can be problematic is providing decent sound quality. Even though the Enermax TwisterOdio is only capable of supporting laptops up to 16 inches in size, its included pair of 2-watt ‘DreamBass’ speakers are quite good (and, as the name suggests, provide some bass, as well). is a fairly thick pad, naturally because of the speakers built into the surface (housed in a cylinder at the rear of the pad), but it is surprisingly light, and provides adequate cooling as well as excellent audio recording. It is possible to turn on or off the speaker, and to adjust the fan speed manually. People with poor laptop speakers might find this a good option if they want a simple and reasonably priced solution to that problem and to solve any cooling concerns as well in one go.

5. Targus Chill Mat

Those looking for a cooling pad with expansion capability for connecting to a number of other peripherals should check out the Targus Chill Mat, which is a cross between a laptop dock and a cooling pad. A pair of fans (albeit small, which Targus does not specify in what size they are – but the maker states that they can run at 2,500 rpm) deliver cooling to the Chill Mat’s four USB ports (plus two USB 2.0 ports). With its slim design and ability to adjust between four different height levels, this is an impressively well-built device. If you have a laptop with few USB ports, you may find this to be a useful solution.

6. Cooler Master MasterNotepal Maker

As we discussed at the outset of this piece, the relative placement of the vents on the bottom of your laptop and the fans on the cooling pad may be important to consider? The best way to ensure optimal fan positioning is by placing them yourself – which is what this modular cooling pad from Cooler Master allows. In simple terms, modular simply means the fans can be moved anywhere on the cooling pad, so you can reach the exact spot where air needs to be delivered Aside from the excellent build quality, the MasterNotepal Maker features aluminum surfaces – which can help with heat dissipation – as well as the possibility to set the angle at five different levels. Moreover, there are many additional features such as excellent cable management, an attached USB hub, and removable stoppers (to prevent the laptop from slipping The downside to the high-end Cooler Master product is that it is not cheap, but for those who are looking to tailor their pad exactly to their notebook, it may be worth the expense. Another factor to keep in mind is that stock is now somewhat scarce, due to the fact that this product has already been out for a while so if you want one, you may need to act fast.

7. Tree New Bee Cooling Pad

Basically, if you like laptop cooling duties at a very low cost, this is your ideal solution. With Tree New Bee’s product, the four 110 mm fans have adjustable speeds (the blue LED lights dim as you lower the speed – you can also turn two of the fans off if you choose). In my opinion, this device comes fairly close to being the ideal combination of price, quietness, and (suitably variable) cooling, while being available with a backrest that can be raised for a more ergonomic typing angle (and improved cooling, of course, with more airflow underneath). Only one height setting is available, and some users may feel like it is too steep. There is a range of heights available with most products as you’ve probably seen elsewhere on this page. Even so, the Tree New Bee Cooling Pad is a great choice for those who are looking for a great balance between performance and price.

8. TeckNet N8 Laptop Cooling Pad

This is a great option of you want a cooling system that is as cheap as you can get and still provides decent cooling. It has a trio of 118mm cooling fans to provide adequate cooling, plus it has a highly slim and portable design. Located on one end of the computer stand are two extendable feet that can be extended to raise the device. Additionally, the unit has a USB port for connecting or charging an additional device (the N8 runs on USB power). N8’s build quality might not be up to snuff, but it is impressively quiet, and it does what it has to do – and it does it at an exceptionally great price.

9. Cooler Master Notepal X-Slim

The X-Slim is a good choice if you want a compact cooling pad that you can carry around with you. With a thickness of just 27.5mm and a weight of 700g, it is a very light device. Although other products offer similar portability – Havit’s 12-inch to 17-inch Laptop Cooler is one example – Cooler Master’s effort comes out on top due to its reliable build quality. It also accommodates laptops up to 17 inches in size, and its single 160mm fan keeps things moving smoothly while maintaining a whisper-quiet noise level. In addition, the X-Slim features clever cable management options, conserving space and keeping things tidy while also being Even though the Notepal X-Slim is tidily compact, considering the final piece of gear below, when it comes to a powerful laptop cooler, won’t disappoint.

10. Klim Cool

Let’s take a look at this one last one as a bit of a wildcard, because while it isn’t a cooling pad per se, it’s a fan-based device that functions similarly (though it pulls instead of blows The only problem is that this is not really a portable solution – while most laptop cooling pads will not be as portable as that, seeing as they all (inevitably) take up the same footprint as a notebook. It is important to keep in mind that there is a substantial For one of these devices to be attached to your laptop, there needs to be a vent at the side or rear. As far as these specific products are concerned, we’re afraid you’re out of luck if your laptop only has air vents on its base. A vacuum cooler does the opposite of blowing air into your laptop to cool it — it pulls air out instead. Many deem it more effective than a regular cooling pad, but as long as you pick a good product from the available options, you’ll still be getting the job done. In this case, our recommendation would be Klim Cool, a very effective cooler that comes with a number of attachments so you are covered no matter what type of vent you want to connect Moreover, it measures the temperature in your laptop and automatically adjusts the fan speed to maintain a proper level of cooling – pretty cool. As long as you have a 30-day free return policy, you can try out the product to see how well it works with your notebook. The manufacturer backs the product with a five-year warranty. In addition to whether this is a cost-effective accessory, it has a price that falls within the range of

How Laptop Cooling Pads Help With Cooling

With any additional cooling provided by a laptop cooling pad, throttling can be combated quite effectively. In addition, your laptop could potentially last longer with this procedure. You will get better performance from that CPU and GPU if they do not run at overly hot temperatures continuously. You could save yourself a lot of heartache by spending a little more money on some extra cooling if that prevents your notebook from going out on you too soon. If you use the laptop on your lap, the best cooling pad can also provide the convenience of allowing you to position it so it doesn’t get too hot against your legs when you are using it. You should keep in mind that the mileage you get from any cooling pad may vary depending on the cooling vents that are present on the bottom of your notebook, and their location with regards to the fan location within The common sense of things dictates you want a decent number of ventilation holes on the underside of your laptop – and this is a good idea everywhere – and preferably these will be (roughly) oriented toward the pad’s It is possible to get laptop cooling pads with just a single big fan – or multiple small ones – that will hit pretty much everything, and there are even modular pads where you can rearrange the fans. Having the underside of a chassis cooled as a little bit of help in managing temperature even in notebooks lacking vents on the bottom can be a big help in reducing temperatures. In any case, while your mileage may vary a bit depending on the model of your laptop, you’re likely to get some benefit from a cooling pad – perhaps a significant one, of course, provided that you choose the top-notch model.