The Best Audio-Call Programs to Rival Skype

Education Technology

This past year has been one of the most intense and unexpected in human history. A global pandemic on top of all the other crazy stuff that went on around the globe. And for most of the world, we were forced to stay indoors and isolate from our friends and family. A difficult time for so many people.

But it was made easier thanks to the internet and our incredible technology. If we had to go into lockdown thirty years ago things would have been a whole lot worse. But as it stands we were lucky enough to be able to connect to our loved ones through our screens.

But with this new wave of online activity came the realization that Skype, the original powerhouse of video chatting, wasn’t up to the task. So today we are going to take a look at the best Audio-Call programs that are giving Skype a run for its money.


Discord started out as a rival to TeamSpeak, which in itself was a soft rival to Skype. Discord was mainly designed with gaming in mind, working in the background as you played and allowing you and your friends to create your own servers without server running costs.

But since then it has grown into something incredible. Not only do gaming companies make use of discord, but a large variety of industries host their own discord servers. Even celebrities and politicians have their own servers where they can interact with supporters.

Discord offers a lot of freedom and control to its users. Something Skye seems to be lacking. The one downside is that Discord has a bad habit of running into tricky errors. So you may spend most of your time looking up ways to fix the discord screen share no audio error.


The undisputed king of the lockdown era. Zoom came out of nowhere and stole the hearts of millions. It went from an obscure program to being officially used in universities all over the world. Many companies still make use of Zoom for their work-from-home staff meetings.

The program is simple in its design and function. Create a meeting. People join. That’s it. There are no server rooms like Discord. It servers a purpose and it does it fantastically. While there are sometimes errors, they are far less common than on Discord. So if you are looking for a program that is practical above all else, Zoom may be the one for you.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is one of those Microsoft programs that everyone had on their computer, but no one really used. But as many workforces suddenly shifted to working from home, Microsoft teams became an invaluable tool.

It seems to combine the best aspects of both discord and zoom into one, while also offering an organization system akin to a traditional office setup. Companies can create virtual workspaces and allocate people to them as if they were sitting at desks together. People can move about the rooms like an office and even access different directories to find stored information on the company servers.

Teams also have all the video and audio call functionality you would expect, allowing people to host meetings, quizzes, and anything in-between. If you are more into gaming, Teams is not for you. But for the more professional industries, Teams is a fantastic tool that won’t let you down.


Mumble is an unknown even to this day. But in the circles that make use of it, it is highly praised. Mumble is a paid server service that allows you to create constantly running voice and text chat rooms. But the big selling point for mumble is that it is fully encrypted.

Privacy is king. What you do with your Mumble server is your business and your business alone. The servers experience very little downtime and encounter very few errors. The program is simple and effective. The only downside is, of course, it is a paid service as opposed to the other programs which are free to use.