Tech at School: Gadgets that will Give your Kid an Edge

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If you want to give your child the toys and gadgets that will stimulate their brains and keep them busy for a good chunk of time inside and outside of school, then you are at the right place. I have compiled here some of the best gadget toys that will keep your kids off smartphones and acts as a great digital device to entertain or distract them while you get some work done. Check the september calendar to see when your child begins school so that you may purchase one of the following in time. Yes, you can use advanced parenting gadgets and products to provide that much-needed comfort to your child and to make things simple for yourself. Relying on them will also allow you to map out plans to make the day unfold smoothly.  There is no dispute that life will throw tons of challenges your way, but you have to be smart enough to deal with them. In short, you should always be ready to use innovative technology to make your life easier. 


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera  

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera is a modern-day camera with old-school appeal for kids who love to take photos and parents who are tired of screen time. Take selfies and pictures of friends, family, and pets. Use some pictures for DIY craft activities or school projects. It produces cute little film prints (about 3 inches) instantly. Do not forget the film as it needs to be bought separately. 


From listening to online classes to enjoying their favorite cartoons, these headphones let the children enjoy every sound with much clarity. Ideal for kids, this headphone features a distinct switch that can control volume to 85Db and 94Db. The built-in microphone is convenient for kids’ online learning and communication at home, and many parents who have purchased this product recommend it. It is also convenient for children with sensory issues. 


Osmo Creative Game Kit 

Your child may have to have access to an iPad for this game, but it is worth it. The Creative Set combines technology, creativity, and problem solving to create magical (and customized) animated adventures. This is perfect for stimulation and creativity, especially if your child is more reserved.  


UBTECH JIMU Robot Builderbots 

These multi-award-winning robots involve skills ranging from fine motor to critical thinking. First, a young maker must physically build the robot for which they will soon be writing code.  

Then, with a paired app on a tablet or smartphone, the budding STEM enthusiast can use Blockly coding to execute dozens of preprogrammed maneuvers and can even create brand new custom actions using a PRP (pose, record, play) function. 


4M KidzLabs Anti-Gravity Maglev Science Kit 

This affordable and enjoyable kit packs an impressive number of activities. From creating a floating pencil to a perpetual pendulum to a kinetic sculpture, the experiments and projects will help teach children about magnets and motion. And, thanks to a detailed instruction book, most kids will be able to complete most projects without adult assistance. 


littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit 

The main Skywalker Saga may be over, but Star Wars fever remains as hot as ever among the younglings. Mega fans will know that both Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke have dug deep into R2D2’s Robo guts for repairs, and now kids can live that fantasy albeit on a much smaller scale. This robot building kit comes with a paired app download that instructs kids on how to build the R2D2 droid and then provides a bunch of coding tasks and interactive games involving their finished robotic buddy. The droid can even navigate by itself – not bad considering the relatively affordable price.