Sceptre TV Reviews


There are several budget TV models from LG, Sony, Vizio, TCL, and Samsung that you could consider. Sceptre, on the other hand, what about it? Many people haven’t heard of Sceptre TVs, but if you want a great TV for a great price, you should check out the brand that often dominates budget TV sales. TVs by Sceptre are popular because they focus on maximum value, with the majority of Sceptre screens priced under $300, meaning even budget TV buyers will be able to afford a Sceptre screen. It might lead you to believe that Sceptre is just another fly-by-night vendor whose products appear then disappear. In reality, Sceptre was founded in California in the early 80s. Over the last several years, it has created a high-end division that appeals to a much more performance-minded audience, and it is now offering several It’s okay if you’re worried about buying a TV from a company without a reputation, because Sceptre will be here for a long time. The point is that you shouldn’t rush into buying a budget TV because of this. As with most things in life, you tend to get what you pay for when it comes to technology.

How Much do Sceptre TVs Cost?

Walmart does not carry any Sceptre TVs above a $500 price point, as Sceptre is primarily a budget TV brand. That means you’ll find many TVs for under $300, and Walmart does not carry any Sceptre TVs for over $500. Walmart offers a 50-inch Sceptre 4K TV for only $469 (out of stock at the time of writing), a 65-inch Sceptre 4K TV for just $389, and a 55-inch Sceptre 4K TV for just There is even an affordable 50-inch Sceptre 4K TV for Even cheaper, however, are things that come from abroad. For $108 you can get a 32-inch Sceptre HD TV with 720p resolution, and for $68 you can get a 19-inch TV with 720p resolution. Even though Sceptre TVs are more affordable, that doesn’t mean you aren’t getting the best technology inside, and we would be cautious of budget 4K sets because low-spec processors can struggle to process 4K content and upscale it The more premium prices are also available, as high-end Sceptre TVs are currently available for $1,000 and more, and prices can reach as high as $2,499, depending on the model.

Where to Buy Sceptre TVs?

Directly from the Sceptre website and at, it is possible to purchase Sceptre TVs. A limited amount of choice is available, however. Shoppers will get the best shopping experience by visiting or simply stopping by a Walmart store in person. On at the time of writing, there were a number of TV sets that came with Walmart’s free shipping, and there are often discounts as well.

Should I Buy a Sceptre TV?

The audience that Sceptre caters to is the following Buyers who want to keep their costs down will need to be willing to compromise a bit on quality or features. Sceptre, for instance, does not offer a smart platform for many of its TVs. Therefore, you will be unable to access streaming services, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, without buying a streaming device, such as a Roku Premiere, Chromecast or an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Nonetheless, Sceptre TVs really aren’t made for those who are passionate about audio-visuals. In the lower-end models, colors might appear washed out, faded or incorrect, and motion artefacting is likely to occur. It could get a bit annoying for those with a critical eye after some time and is one of the reasons you would opt for a more expensive set from Sony, Samsung, Nevertheless, more and more of these are now boasting Ultra HD resolutions or High Dynamic Range, which fix a lot of these issues and allow you to watch any movie better than you can on a budget. You are getting a great price on one of these if you are buying a television that is solely for watching cable channels or a second screen for your bedroom that will only watch over-the-air channels. We have heard in the past about somebody buying them for a senior family member, because they don’t care as much about picture quality as they care about having a large, more easily readable display. It can also be argued that the TVs could be good for college dorms with accidents (the TVs would be reasonably easy to replace after all) or as signboards for restaurants or bars as well. If you’re very particular about your picture quality or looking to broadcast the next football game, they are most likely not for you. However, they are good if you’re going to advertise or post special deals. We recommend checking out a model from another budget manufacturer like TCL or Vizio first, but if those TVs are still out of your price range and you’re fine making a compromise in picture quality, Sceptre’s TVs are fine.