Reviews: Logitech Z623


Particularly when it comes to audio, the products of Logitech appear to fall into two separate categories. Although we’ve heard 5.1 setups that cost well over £200 that can blow everything else out of the water, on the other hand, you can also pick up a set of stereo speakers for £15 that sound like they cost well under five bucks. £120, the Z623 isn’t exactly cheap, but does it sound as though the price is worth it, all things considered? There is no doubt in my mind that the answer is We’ve never experienced such a rich and deep sound from a 2.1 system like this one.


In our favorite FPS, the sounds of gunfire seemed to come from all around us, even if they were coming from a laptop’s inbuilt sound card of questionable quality. I love how soothing it is. There’s a dedicated rotary dial on the right-hand speaker that allows you to tweak the bass. Bass and treble are already perfectly tuned out of the box however, if you want to add more bass, simply turn that dial up. In spite of their design reminiscent of the Day of the Tentacle, these speakers are also well constructed. 


Even though it’s one of the smallest subwoofers we’ve seen, it has just as good a performance as the ones that are the size of a small refrigerator. Satellites complement the sound quality of the main speaker, as they are adequately weighted in terms of both sound and construction. A slight niggle is the fact that Logitech continues to use the same connection scheme as its lower-end products. On the right satellite, controls for power, volume, and bass are located, as well as a proprietary VGA-style cable that connects the satellite to the subwoofer. By connecting the left speaker to the sub with a phono cable, it is connected to the sub. It appears the system works, and having power control on the desktop saves you from having to lean over to a hidden sub to turn it on. It’s exactly the same system found The THX certification itself doesn’t necessarily mean something in this case, though! They have to be heard to believe, and even though we had reservations about it, It is highly recommended that you try these.