Review: Inspiron 15 5000


It is high time Dell updated its Inspiron laptop line with more modern, superior Intel components since the range has been around for what seems like ages. The lid of this 2018 laptop has a brushed metal finish, so you’ll also like how it looks.


With its metallic lid and neatly designed Dell logo, this laptop immediately makes a strong first impression, and the aesthetic expands to the sides and the base where more metal is layered over the plastic skeleton to add a bit of shine.

The quality of the build is very consistent, as well. A little give appears at the underside of the laptop, the screen feels sturdy, and the wrist rest barely moves – but the internal components In the real world, we wouldn’t have a problem slinging our Dell Inspiron 15 in a backpack and expecting it to survive. The only time you need to use a protective sleeve is if you are concerned about aesthetic results. However, don’t expect to find a metal overlay on every surface, since this isn’t a high-end notebook. Aside from the metal that covers the underside of the base, the keyboard, wrist rest and screen bezel are all completed with a matte black plastic that isn’t particularly attractive. A trio of USB ports, an HDMI port, Gigabit Ethernet along with an SD card reader round out the port situation here. It is okay to access the interior It is easy to remove the bottom panel after removing just two screws, and the RAM, hard drive, battery, processor, and wireless card are all within easy reach. Any laptop owner who would like to be able to repair or upgrade their own laptop should be thrilled at this news.

In this case, you’re not getting a convertible machine or an ultrabook. That means it’s considerably thicker than both of its main competitors.


With a number pad and mostly fine layout, this keyboard is an important productivity tool. However, we are not thrilled with the single-height Return key, so that is our only gripe. I find it to be decent for jumping off, but as far as typing is concerned, the keys themselves aren’t great. While the keys have limited travel, the base is too soft and the keys don’t have enough firmness to make the keyboard feel unsatisfying, without the excellent movement and convincing feel It’s perfect for browsing, instant messaging and getting the occasional e-mail, but it’s really limited to that. There is an initial problem with the trackpad’s sensitivity, but that can be fixed in the Control Panel, and everywhere else everything works well – the buttons are light and responsive, the surface is smooth and even, and the surface is smooth.