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While the Inspiron range is fairly middle of the road in Dell’s laptop range (non-gaming laptops), only the premium XPS range stands out. Dell Inspiron laptops can be just as competitive given the right circumstances, and will provide people with a viable entry-level option into the mid- and upper-midrange laptop market that balances power, performance, design, and, to some extent, cost. It is thin and lightweight, and an awful lot of excess fat has been removed to create a machine you can manipulate with just one hand. In other words, it is a 14-inch laptop tucked into a 13-inch design and chassis so that there is no free space or overly thick In a nutshell, it is a remarkable feat and makes for a superbly compact and neat device. It has a pretty plain but relatively sophisticated look Almost everything is silver, which is fine to some degree, but I would have liked to see some other colour or shade used to break things up a bit. Additionally, the screen is quite large for the size of the laptop and extremely clear for the most part. Within Dell’s Inspiron 14 7000 is a collection of components that shows its quality and competency. An SSD is more than enough storage space, and 16GB of RAM is great for a laptop of this size, and the new 10th-generation Intel processor is certainly an upgrade. With this laptop you will get some extra oomph from the MX250 graphics card, but it is nowhere near enough for those who want to be able to play games on it. Even with that chink in the armor, the performance on this laptop is excellent compared to other laptops The perfect laptop for home and work. It will handle all of your tasks efficiently, be the hub of your work from home or work office setup, and take care of any photo editing and light video editing tasks you may have. While also maintaining great battery life, so that you can have these features without worrying about power. The Inspiron 14 7000 puts all its good features and components to good use, when considered as a whole. This laptop is equipped with Intel’s latest 10th gen Comet Lake processor, a great boost for it in terms of performance, no matter what you use it for.

Price and Availability

As a conclusion, while the Inspiron 14 7000 is a midrange or maybe upper-midrange laptop, it still has a pretty high price. With respect to specific build and spec specifications, the Inspiron 14 7000 on the UK market costs between £910 and £1,150. There’d be similar pricing in the US — though a straight-up conversion would equate to about USD $1,210 to $1,530 and about AU $1,645 to $2,080. In other words, this laptop is indeed a large investment at this price It’s possible to snag an Inspiron deal even if you didn’t get a deal or discount – there are often great Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day deals. As usual, there will be swings and roundabouts, but we are reluctant to recommend this as a great price for the laptop as Dell themselves offer laptops with far greater power and performance for a similar price – but without the thin and light design or decent battery life. In important news, however, it’s important to note that at the time of writing, the laptop variant of the machine is only available in the UK, while in the US and Australia, the 2-in-1 touchscreen model appears to be more popular.


A laptop like the Insprion 14 7000 is an epitome of exquisite In 2020, it will be one of the most popular portable devices. As soon as it came out of the box, the reviewer’s cat immediately laid claim to it as he snored on it. As soon as you pull it out of its box, you can see that it is thin and lightweight. The Inspiron 14 7000 is easy to use with one hand, lightweight and portable, the portability is evident. It’s a pleasing thing to be able to hold such a large laptop with just one hand and I know I’ll enjoy using it. One of the other features of this design is its very silver hue. The exterior is silver on silver on silver (with just a little bit of white in the bezels). The lack of variation in color is good to an extent, but in reality, it’s too much of one color. In order to break it up a bit, we would like to see other colours or shades. While this may seem superficial, if you are paying this much for laptop, there will be a lot of folks who want it to look nice and represent that investment, and also from a usability perspective, as when the keys are illuminated, it makes it difficult to read them. Open the screen and you’ll be greeted with both an amazing and a bit disappointing experience. In the first place, the panel itself is wonderful and bright, crisp, and vivid. However, when the laptop is put down on a surface or lap, the hinges fail to hold on to the screen, and the screen flops back forward to its lowest The issue was repeated a few times and was a little We can only evaluate the condition of this particular review unit by looking at its hinges. If they are not as tight as they should be, we cannot recommend However, the keyboard and touch pad are of high Dell quality, and with only a slight bit of lateral wiggle in the keys, they are easy to use and pleasant.

As a final point, the ports provided should support you well within the design. In addition to the two standard USB ports (3.1 and 2.0), the microSD card reader, and the audio jack, the most welcome feature is the Thunderbolt port, which not only charges the laptop but can also be used as an HDMI display and for other functions. In addition to the HDMI port, the laptop has an Ethernet port, which would further enhance its potential as a main workstation, but also be a welcomed feature given the price tag. According to Technology Review, the absence of an Ethernet port is what makes this laptop feel somewhat cheap. The flipside of this is that it might make the chassis noticeably thicker, unless an alternative design is discovered that works better. In addition, Dell’s Mobile Connect capability, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth somewhat make up for the lack of a physical keyboard.


This is the way it should be Dell Inspiron 14 7000 feels a lot like a laptop should In combination with the clear and vivid screen, a modest keyboard and touchpad supported by the powerful component set under the hood, it is capable of accomplishing anything we ask of it (in a home or business context) and it is delightful to use. combination of the screen and keyboard makes using Google’s and Microsoft’s suites seamless and enjoyable with a good keyboard that allows typing for extended periods. The touchpad is responsive, but not overly sensitive so as not to cause I like how easy it is to use the screen. A great display, with its excellent vibrancy and clarity, that gives a spacious and bright display to focus upon without being blinded or causing Using Chrome for browsing and word processing is a pleasant experience, and videos on YouTube and streaming services are clear and This new 100% sRGB screen is a great addition and provides another level of color excellence which is very The Dell Inspiron 14 7000 can manage Photoshop and InDesign work as well as light gaming, though it didn’t perform amazing in that regard, as there were a few stutters. Given the new processor and plentiful RAM at its disposal, it should also be capable of doing some light video editing when you’re in a pinch. Despite the fact that the demanding programs will always be, well, demanding, we were often able to run multiple apps and programs at once on the laptop, and the laptop’s capabilities consistently meant seamless and snappy performance. Adding to the overall value of the laptop are its numerous additional features, such as fingerprint scanner and decent webcam.

The GPU is not what the computer was meant to be used for, but given the high-quality components elsewhere, I’m very disappointed in its lack of graphic capability – not just for gaming but for other creative or graphic tasks as well. The fact that it can’t offer more on the graphics front is a little depressing at this price point, even with the components it comes with and that great screen. Despite the fact that it runs some games and is an entry level way into PC gaming, the results and performance are so limited that we wouldn’t recommend running any modern games or games with any sort of high level of requirements on it. (Due to its non-gaming positioning we won’t test the latest and greatest on the laptop – for fear of Red Dead Redemption 2 causing it to catch fire.) From a pure performance to price tag perspective, there is a question mark here. It is possible to get laptops that are way more capable than this one for the same price. These machines may not offer the same battery life (see below), but, nowadays, people do not stay disconnected for very long. Still, if you want to use your laptop for long hours on a battery charge, and if you’re not bothered by getting the most performance from it, then this could be a good choice for you. You might want to consider a build that is less powerful as the total value will be greater and you won’t have to compromise much on performance at home or at work. The Inspiron might not be your best choice if you need a laptop with as much power and performance as you can get for its price range. You’ll find this to be a good option if you’re looking for a thin, light laptop with a long battery life and a thin, light design that is both durable and pleasant to use.

Battery Life

This is not only a laptop with great components but it is also one with superb battery life. PCMark’s intense battery work test shows half a day from the battery, while playing a 1080p video at 50% display brightness and volume proved that it can run for hours. It’s the most important thing to remember about a laptop with this build because it will (should?) easily last you the entire workday or home day without needing to be plugged in (and maybe more than the typical commute if not more). It’s probably one of the main factors you’re paying for here as well, and you’d expect that with an item like this costing around the four-figure USD/GBP mark.

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looking for a solid laptop that will be good for work and the home, and can last all day while doing so. The Dell Inspiron 14 7000 isn’t flashy or colorful, but it will be great for work and home use. You need a reliable mid-range laptop with a great screen The Dell Inspiron 14 7000’s screen has an excellent screen, so you’ll be happy with this if a bright, large, and crisp display is near the top of your list of priorities. A thin and light laptop is near the top of your list of must-haves There is no denying the lightness and thinness of the Dell Inspiron 14 7000. You can use it each day to work on your computer, carry it around the house or keep it next to the couch.

Don’t Buy it if

You are looking for a gaming laptop

Looking for a machine with more power