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Have you ever heard anyone discuss wearable technology, but you didn’t know what it meant? Simplest terms, wearable technology is a general term for a group of gadgets that are intended to be worn during the day, including fitness trackers and smartwatches. These devices are also called short wearables.

Over the past couple of years, wearables have become incredibly common, but the basic concept is nothing new. If you have ever worn a wristwatch, for instance, you have already used a basic form of wearable. Today’s wearables, including computers and smartphones, can communicate effectively with your current devices, which means that they can do a lot of interesting stuff.

Protection wearables are gadgets designed to assist you in circumstances where you feel in danger or threatened. Often they are disguised as jewellery so that they can be used discreetly without letting a prospective intruder know what the user is doing. Most of them are powered by a button that gives others a warning, sounds a noisy alarm, or both. The warnings they send may either be pre-programmed texts or voice messages that are registered. A lot of them even have built-in GPS, enabling you to share your location with friends, family, people nearby, or even the police immediately.

You’re probably used to getting a lot of different alerts if you have a smartphone, including texts, text messages, and phone calls. But a smartwatch may be able to help if you don’t like looking at your phone during the day. You can sync these devices with your mobile, which allows you to display updates at a glance on your hand. You can still use most smartwatches as basic fitness trackers, but they’re a lot more costly. At about $200, the average smartwatch starts.

Fitness trackers are available, depending on your needs, in a variety of prices and shape variables. Basic models can cost as little as $50 to clip onto your belt or shoe, but other models can be more costly, such as wristbands and even jewelry. Fitbit, Foundation, and Misfit are some of the most common fitness tracker brands.