Panasonic HZ2000 4k Oled TV


One-Minute Review

Panasonic’s HZ2000 is at the top of its game when it comes to TVs. Panasonic’s brighter Pro Edition OLED panel and offering superb image quality with its highly tuned HCX Pro image processor, the HZ2000 delivers a level of picture sophistication unmatched outside of top-tier mastering studios. It’s astonishing how fine the details are, and how lush the colors are. With this screen, you’ll be able to see subtle gradations of near black, which means it will hold detail even in very dark When you choose to watch moody movies during the day or in living rooms with relatively high ambient light levels, the Dolby Vision IQ and Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing prevent the loss of fine details. Moreover, the HZ200 sounds as good as it looks as well, with the best onboard Dolby Atmos implementation we have yet to hear on a TV. The caveats, however, should not be overlooked. This set’s HDMI implementation does not support 4K for 120 frames per second, so it is very hard to recommend it to next-gen console gamers who want to see their Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 run at the maximum frame rate. Furthermore, its specifications will also be too rich for hard-core home cinema enthusiasts who will already own a Dolby Atmos Disney Plus is also missing, so do not forget that.

Price and Availability

A price of around £3299 is currently available for the TX-55HZ2000. It is an extremely expensive 55-inch OLED TV regardless of the way you cut it. In addition to the 65-inch size, it is also available in a 65-inch model, priced at Currently, Panasonic isn’t offering the HZ2000 in Australia or North America, both of which have cut ties with consumer TV.


The HZ2000 might not seem like it is packing a sonic punch at first glance, but its sonic power is something to behold. It has a micro bezel, but running below the screen is a Technics-tuned speaker array that runs across the front of the device. A glance toward the back confirms that this isn’t your typical wafer-thin OLED screen. As a matter of fact, the HZ2000 looks like a backpack with an up-firing Dolby Atmos speaker. There are four HDMI inputs, one of which supports eARC, and all support 4K at 60 frames per second. However, it does not offer 120fps compatibility, something you may wish to note if you plan to upgrade to next-gen. All the same, ALLM (Auto Low Latency Game Mode) does exist. The HDMI port works with analogue components, and an optical digital audio output, an Ethernet port, and three USB ports can be found on the device. I like the metallic finish and the fact that it has a backlit feature for dark rooms. Dedicated buttons exist for Netflix and Freeview Play and there is also a Filmmaker Mode (more on that soon).

Smart TV (My Home Screen 5.0)

Panasonic’s My Home Screen smart TV platform is now on its fifth-generation, and it remains one of the most clunky-sounding but also easiest to use of all of the smart TV platforms. A crowded launcher bar for apps, such as those used by Samsung for Tizen and LG for webOS is not utilised by Panasonic. The dimensions have been reduced and they now appear in the lower left corner instead of the center, but the idea is still Apps, connected devices, and live TV can all be accessed with these buttons, which can be supplemented, if necessary. For example, Netflix benefits from having its own button on the zapper, while Amazon Prime Video would be better off with a shortcut. The service’s position is secured by tying it to the network. YouTube, Britbox, Chili, and Plex are some of the apps that can be downloaded (plus a few others that aren’t Sadly, Disney Plus is absent from the menu, which is a glaring Across the top is a Discovery bar, while a roll-back programme guide helps you find shows you may have missed. A Freeview Play tuner in the UK provides all the main catch-up TV services, along with Freeview Play curation and recommendation services. As an option, you can also pair the set with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa systems, allowing you to start your TV or search for shows with your

Picture Quality

With a Panasonic Master Edition OLED panel, the HZ2000 offers top photo quality in every aspect. From HD upscaling to naturalistic HDR detail and the best of the best in three-dimensional HDR, this LCD delivers an unparalleled picture experience. It is impossible to take anything less than cinematic pictures with the HZ2000. The HDR highlights are delivered with brilliant restraint, adding depth and detail to shadows and night scenes, as well as giving complex lighting and daylight a vibrancy they lack previously. Most of the heavy lifting is handled by Huawei’s HCX Pro Intelligent processor, which first appeared in the brand’s GZ2000 flagship last year.

A special characteristic of this camera is its ability to produce vivid, saturated colors and a dramatic contrast even in brightly lit The flagship HCX silicon is also strong at upscaled 1080p sources, giving users sharp and pixel-dense images free of unwanted jaggies or obtrusive Additionally, if you own a large collection of Blu-ray Discs, you’re going to be very pleased with these entries. It uses custom hardware improvements meant to manage heat in a manner similar to plasma televisions in order to satisfy the Professional Edition certification. When you manage heat more effectively, you can make the picture brighter on average. In addition to the wide range of well-designed picture modes provided by Panasonic, the company also offers a wide variety of sound modes. 

I think the most interesting thing here is the inclusion of Panasonic’s Filmmaker Mode with Intelligent Sensing, and the inclusion of Dolby Vision IQ as well. In the former, a uniform Filmmaker Mode image stripping is applied (no interpolation, image sharpening or anything like that), but the image is given a moderated look by the set’s built-in sensor which takes into account the outdoor light condition. This is a solid idea, but it is in conflict with Filmmaker Mode’s ‘hands off’ The idea behind Dolby Vision IQ is the same, but auto-image enhancement is at the core. As a result, IQ replaced Dolby Bright in the preset menu, and we quickly adopted it as our default setting If you are viewing non-Dolby Vision content, then we recommend using the set in Normal mode. 

The panel is well used in this display, allowing both regular HD and native 4K to look amazing. When watching Netflix, you may also use Netflix Calibrated mode, which is essentially the Cinema default under a different With HDR10+ (the format Amazon prefers) alongside Dolby Vision, HLG, and standard HDR10, the set offers universal HDR support. The performance of the HDR is outstanding. Despite the high peak brightness of the screen, we measured it to over 900 nits (cd/m2). This puts it in the elite class of It performs extremely well in terms of motion handling as well. Even in fast-moving action, Intelligent Frame Creation tech maintains clarity while the action is fast-paced and can be used without incident in Even if we had the option of black frame insertion for movies, we would still choose to switch it off.

Sound and Gaming

While Dolby Atmos is rapidly becoming a mainstream feature on TVs, few actually use the immersive codec to give viewers any experience. The best they can do is pass it on to a soundbar or AV receiver over ARC. With the HZ2000, you will experience something With its built-in Dolby Atmos rear mounted speaker, it offers a truly immersive sound performance right out of the box. It adds height and a sense of involvement to the audio experience. It will nearly seem as though the stadium was packed to the rafters with actual people when you listen to Sky Sports’ fake crowd noise delivered in Dolby Atmos. The wide screen is filled with a sound system tuned by technicians from sister company Technics, whose engineers claim it offers 360-degree sound. The dialogue is clear, the music is stereo and the height is always the same, but a sense of surround sound is absent. However, we are okay with that Already, it is impressive to see how high and wide this soundstage

Should you Buy the Panasonic HZ2000 4K OLED?

I recommend you buy Using a 4K OLED panel will give your image the most refined, cinematic quality yet. The technology has been pushed to the limit by Panasonic, and it has produced a breath-taking result. If you want a home cinema system that includes everything, then this is the system for you. It is a compact model with all the bells and whistles, so it does not take up living room space with additional kit or speakers. If you want an easy-to-use smart TV, you’ve come to the right place. Streaming Netflix HDR and watching the HZ2000 at any time is a pleasure.

Don’t Buy It If…

Dolby Atmos is already a great sound system for you. You will not need it if you already have a Dolby Atmos AVR in place. Much of the HZ2000’s cost is tied to its integrated sound system. With the next-generation gaming consoles, you need a panel that can make the most of those features. Sadly, the HZ2000 cannot display them at 120 frames per second due to the limited capabilities of HDMI 2.0. It is important to get the most for your Cheap isn’t within the dictionary of words for this screen, which is unapologetically premium.