Nvidia 2070 vs 2070 Super


Our goal in this article is to compare the new RTX 2070 Super to the RTX 2070 to determine if the new GPU is indeed an Our review looks at whether the Nvidia RTX 2070 Super is worth buying, or whether the RTX 2070 offers better value for money. Nvidia just announced a series of Super RTX graphics cards that promise significant performance improvements over existing RTX graphics cards. In the same vein as the RTX 2070, the RTX 2070 Super is a high-end graphics card targeted at enthusiasts who want to play their games at higher resolutions and with enhanced visual settings. Neither card is the top of the line card from Nvidia, since the RTX 2070 sits below the RTX 2080, and neither of the cards can stand up to Nvidia’s flagship RTX 2080 Ti card. Here we’ll see the differences between the RTX 2070 and RTX 2070 Super to determine whether Nvidia’s update is worth the money.

Nvidia RTX 2070 Super vs RTX 2070: Specs

In addition to its TU104 GPU, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super is also based on the With 2,560 CUDA cores, a base clock of 1605MHz, a boost clock of 1770MHz, 184 texture units, and maximum L1 cache of 2560KB, the GPU operates at a top speed of 1770MHz. The RTX 2070, however, has 2304 CUDA cores, a base clock of 1410 MHz and a boost clock of 1,620 MHz. It also has 144 texture units and 2,304 caches. As long as it comes to texel fill rate, the RTX 2070 Super beats the standard RTX 2070 by 325.7 Gigatexels/sec, Therefore, overall, the RTX 2070 Super offers a reasonable upgrade in terms of specifications. While it has some differences from the RTX 2070 in certain respects, such as the memory interface (256-bit), memory bandwidth (448 GB/sec), and memory data rate (14 Gbps), it differs from it in others. A major difference between the RTX 2070 and the RTX 2070 Super is the power consumption. The regular card has a TGP of 175 Watts, while the RTX 2070 Super has a TGP of The RTX 2070 Super draws a bit more power compared to the regular RTX 2070 due to the upgraded components, but consequently, the regular RTX 2070 is cheaper to run in the long run, and better suited to smaller, lower-powered

Nvidia RTX 2070 Super vs RTX 2070: Price

In October 2018, the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 cost $499 (about £380, about AU$690), whereas an Nvidia Founders Edition cost $599 (£566, around The Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070 comes out at $449 (about £350, AU$650), which is more expensive than a typical card and a ‘70’ card. In spite of this, it’s great to know that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Founders Edition will be the same as the regular RTX 2070 when it launches, priced Due to the increased power, the fact that the RTX 2070 Super is available for the same price as the RTX 2070 makes the new card seem like a great buy. It is possible that the price of the new card will lead to a price drop for the old version of the RTX 2070. It is also expected that retailers will offer some tempting deals on the RTX 2070 as they clear their current stock of the card since it is totally replacing the 2070. You will also receive two additional games, Control and Wolfenstein, for a limited time It is a better value with the purchase of an RTX 2070 Super, which makes it worth around $90.

Nvidia RTX 2070 Super vs RTX 2070: Performance

The benchmarks we’ve seen thus far, both from Nvidia and from our own testing, indicate that the new RTX 2070 Super offers some decent – but not exceptionally significant – performance gains compared with the original RTX 2070 card when playing games. As an example, the RTX 2070 achieved 67.3 frames per second in Battlefield V. Furthermore, the RTX 2070 Super managed a frame rate of 73.7. difference in performance between the two cards was more apparent with Metro Exodus – the RTX 2070 scored 60.8 FPS to the RTX 2070 Super’s We have been seeing a performance boost of around 10 FPS with most games compared to the old model. An upgrade from the RTX 2070 would probably not be worth it given that the performance increase is likely to be insignificant. It’s still a good card, so the extra 10 frames per second won’t seem like much of an improvement. In contrast, if you are looking to upgrade from an older card, then the new RTX 2070 Super is a much better choice.

Nvidia RTX 2070 Super vs RTX 2070: Should I buy an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super?

In Nvidia’s estimation, the RTX 2070 Super can achieve 24% faster performance than the RTX 2070 for the same price. It optimizes at least 16% faster than the RTX 2070. If you don’t have plenty of extra cash to burn, upgrading to this is probably not worth it. If you do have this kind of money to spare, then you might want to consider the RTX 2080 Ti or 2080 Super, which offer an even greater leap in performance than the In contrast, if you are looking to upgrade your GPU, the GeForce RTX 2070 Super is definitely something you should consider. Is a very capable video card that is capable of handling the latest games at high resolutions, with full graphical effects, and at high If you don’t want to (or simply can’t afford) to pay for the more expensive RTX 2080 Ti, the RX 570 can still provide you with RTX 2070 owners might be upset at Nvidia for replacing it so soon. The RTX 2070 is still a good GPU in its own right, and the RTX 2070 Super might offer good value for the older model as retailers attempt to reduce.