How To Show The Battery Percentage On iPhone 11

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It gives a useful indication of how much power is left in the iPhone battery. However, you may need to know just exactly how much power is left on your phone. Older iPhones can display the battery percentage by default – and we will show you how to do this. Due to the notch in the newer models, there isn’t enough room in the status bar to indicate percentages, but shortcuts and widgets are available that display the percentages permanently and easily.


Status Bar

You can permanently display the battery percentage on the iPhone SE 2020 or earlier, or on the iPhone 8 and earlier. The Battery menu can be found in the Settings app. There will be an option for How Much Battery Is Left. With this toggled on, you will always see the percentage in the top-right corner of the Home screen. When Low Power mode is active, the battery percentage is also shown by default.


New iPhones

Despite the fact that the battery percentage for iPhone X, 11, 12, and its many siblings may not be visible in the Command Center, most of them do. You can pull up the menu by swiping downward from the top-right corner of the screen Top-right corner of your screen is where you’ll find the battery percentage. I think that’s the fastest way to do it. It’s also possible to pull up the Today View by swiping left-to-right from the Home screen. iOS 14 includes several Apple app widgets in this view, including a battery widget that presents statistics about the battery life. When you are viewing Today View, you may have to scroll down to see the battery widget, but by tapping and holding it, you can move it to the top of the page so that it shows immediately.


Adding the Battery Percentage Widget to your iPhone

For those of you with newer iPhones, you’ll need to incorporate one of the new iPhone widgets to see the battery percentage by default when you go to the home screen. You should tap and hold an empty area on the Home screen, then tap the + icon at the top left. Find ‘Batteries’ in the list of options and click on it. A battery widget is available in three different types. While all three widgets will display the percentage, the larger ones will also reveal the exact percentage of the battery life, such as the Apple Watch 6 or AirPods, depending on their size. Just select your favorite, click ‘Add Widget’, give your app area a bit of a facelift, and you’ll have a battery percentage summary that stays continually up to date