How To Check Battery Health On MacBook

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The MacBook series of Apple’s laptops is designed to last through normal use for many years. The internal battery, however, is the one piece of hardware that might need to be replaced during that period. Depending on the model of your computer, the battery only lasts a set number of charges. The more cycles your computer runs, the less battery life it has. When these cycle counts are exhausted, you’ll notice a drop in battery life. The laptop will need to be connected to a corded power source at some point, or an Apple battery will need to be purchased.


Cycle Count

The battery of your MacBook needs to be recharged after every use. You use all the power of a battery in just one cycle. A crucial point to remember is that you do not exhaust a battery’s cycle count each time the battery is charged. As an example, if your MacBook battery is at 40% and you recharge it, you’ll still have 60% of its current charge left. On the next day, you charge the battery at 50%, leaving 10% for As you have gone over two days before exhausting one cycle, your cycle has not expired yet. A second example is charging your MacBook the first day at 50% and the next at 50%. For a single charge cycle to exhaust here, it took two full days. Over time, the capacity of your battery will gradually diminish as you use your MacBook. The charge cycle won’t last nearly so long as it would if the battery did not retain its charge. After reaching its maximum cycle count, the device should retain up to 80% of its initial charging capacity, and it then decreases until it loses all its power.


Find your Battery Cycle Count and Health

Hold the ‘Option’ key down while you click on the Apple menu at the top left of your MacBook to find the cycle count. You can find system information by selecting Select the ‘Power’ tab from the ‘Hardware’ section of the ‘System Information’ window. In ‘Battery Information,’ you can find a list of the current cycles. Here you can also find estimates of the battery’s maximum capacity percentage, as well as information about its condition. The battery condition must be anything other than “Normal” for Apple Technical Support to take action.


Maximum Cycle Counts

A running list of all MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro cycle counts can be found at Apple. MacBook models from the last few years operate at a maximum cycle count of 1000, while earlier models have count ranges Your MacBook used to be able to be replaced with a new battery There is no need to go back to those days. Apple Support can help you with purchasing a replacement when the time comes.