How Does YouTube’s Suggestion Algorithm Work?

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Data protection and knowing what information is being used by our favorite websites is a very important thing, and with things like suggested searches making it clear that these pages are saving our information it is normal to be worried about what is actually being recorded in terms of your personal data. I am going to go through how Youtube’s search suggestion algorithm works to put your minds at ease that there are no shady dealings going on when your data is recorded by this popular streaming platform.


Recommended Searches

Youtube’s recommended search system works to provide you with videos that you may like based on your account subscriptions and previous watches, this useful tool opens up hours of new content for you that you may not have even seen before if you were left to browse yourself. The recommended search algorithm looks at many factors based on the information that is shown on your Youtube profile and looks for new videos that you are likely to enjoy. The great thing about this development is that it won’t just show you content from creators you have watched before and it will actually take into account the theme of the video.


Recommended searches are particularly useful when you are playing music on youtube, don’t you just hate it when your favorite playlist comes to an end and you’ve run out of suggestions for the queue. Well, thanks to YouTubes’ inclusion of this software on their platform your playlists will never end, and when they do they will go on play music based on what you were playing previously. Although many people worry about their information being stored I am sure you will agree that this function is very useful.


Auto Play

The autoplay function that has been added to Youtube is a pretty new development and much like their suggestions algorithm, it uses your previous search history to select videos that you may want to watch when you have finished watching your selected content. This is a great addition as it saves you the time you would have spent looking for your next video and chooses it for you, the results are usually pretty good and I personally enjoy that they don’t just choose a video from a creator you already watch and instead use the genre of the video to find an alternative. This is a great way to discover new creators who you may not have come across based upon your own viewing choices.


Using Your Recent Watches

The fact that Youtube uses your search history to find these suggested videos does not sit easily with everyone, storing information of any kind is usually seen as a breach of privacy. The great thing about Youtube as a platform is that they are very transparent when they introduce a new process and you actually have the option to turn off suggested content if this is something that you are worried about. This makes it seem as though their intentions were honorable when they set about developing this new software, so if you have something against your search history being recorded for suggestions then you can turn it on and off as you please.


How Does it Affect Creators?

This software is also very beneficial for creators on Youtube as it allows for extra exposure if their videos manage to pop up in the suggestions bar. Many creators choose to include the optimal youtube tags to maximise exposure so that they are more likely to be recommended to more people around the world and ultimately benefit their channel and Youtube career.