How digital technology affects the music industry? 

Entertainment Technology

In the modern era, everyone is surrounded by the innovative creations of technology, especially teenagers, even the youngsters generation may not see this level of expansion of technology. In this cut-throat competition, everyone has become a couch potato due to their hectic schedules. Technology helps them get rid of every stumbling block with a single click, as we can say that everything is a click away for today’s generation just because of technology.  

The contribution of technology is appreciated by the music industry also, as digital technology has developed the music industry a lot and change the shape by 360 degrees. In ancient times, no can imagine that the young talents of our world get a chance to sing on worldwide platforms so quickly; this has happened only because of digital technology, as it has helped humans to produce their digital version of songs with any copyrighted document which leads to an inexpensive action of them.  

It can happen with the help of software and websites which have been developed by digital technology. The upcoming paragraphs will deeply elaborate on the importance of digital technology in the music industry.

  • The change of dynamics in the music industry 

 In earlier times, the person who wants to listen to a song has to buy a C.D or a casate from the market. But with the expansion of technology, there are various channels or platforms where a person can enjoy their songs while sitting In their living rooms and chilling. All they need a mobile phone with an internet connection, no matter wherever they are or what type of song they want to listen to, they need to search the name of the in the search option, and they will get their preferred song in front of them.  

The channels they can enjoy their songs are youtube, iTunes, Google, Spotify, jiosavan, etc. Even they do not need to download that song to listen to, they can enjoy it without download it, and they will also get the video of that song to entertain themselves. 

On the other hand, the listeners have a plethora of facilities for their entertainment. The talented artists who want to release their songs worldwide can also make their inaction into reality without any hurdle with the help of digital technology.  

As everyone knows, in the back time, a person who wants to release his video or album worldwide or sing for a particular theme has to clear many auditions stages. He/ she got selected to reach their desire, but in this present time, they only need an internet connection to make a dream into reality. All they need to shoot for their song and, after that, the number of channels on which they can release it. The platforms mentioned above also allow the individuals to release their songs on their particular platform channels. By doing this, their song will be released on social, and every person can reach it from every corner of the world. 

For instance, a singer who cannot go for the auditions of various singing programs to pursue his dream forward due to his financial conditions or physical disability can make his song in his preferred location and release it on the social platform, which is known as youtube. The process to release your song on youtube is so easy; what you need to do is to make your account on youtube and attracts the people to subscribe to your account; once you get your desired followers on your channel, you can release your song on it and wait for the optimum desired result.  

Many youngsters get famous through this platform as they don’t have to pay for the auditions or any other product to release their song. They can make their kingdom by attracting their fans with their voice through digital technology. 

Description About the various channels of digital technology 

The technology is spreading its roots on regular intervals, and people are getting inspired by its expansion. There are numbers of channels by which they can get the result of their talents of singing. Some of those channels are as follows: 

  • The first and foremost channel in everybody’s mind while thinking about the song is known as youtube. It is documented that youtube is the third most visited social media site after Google and Facebook; you can easily judge this site’s value by reading this statement. Several people across the country love this site as they get their preferred song with this channel’s help with a single click. 
  • Secondly, song lovers’ most visited application is iTunes, released by the Apple company in 2008, which has 500 million users across 119 countries. This application has almost 25 billion songs. Individuals can get a wide variety of songs on this application. Most importantly, this application is used only in apple iPhones; android cannot get the advantage of this application.
  • On the other hand, if the apple users have iTunes, then the android also has a channel to get entertained by their favorite songs, known as jiosavan; this application has been introduced a few years ago. Like apple iTunes, this application also has millions of users and billions of songs in it.  

Besides, underrated singers get the platform to explore their talents, but also they are getting money from releasing their songs on these platforms. With the invention of these platforms by technology, they have become independent.  

They can get the advantage of their talents through these channels, as they do not have to plead with the producers or the music directors to release their song to get money to fulfill their needs. They are getting more payment through these channels to promote their songs. We can say that this talented generation gets a piece of cake by expanding technology. 

The final saying 

To conclude, it can be said that the contribution of digital technology to the music industry is not hidden from anyone, as everyone can see how digital technology expands the value of music by their inventions. Apart from that, the young talents also get the platforms to achieve their fantasy.