HitFilm Express 15.1 – Review


You will learn from our list of reviews not to settle for a very cheap, or even free video editing program. Often, you must pay for additional extras to make the package worthwhile, and other times it’s better to just move forward without looking Now let’s take a look at HitFilm Express 15, the free, pared-down version of This app is available for Windows and Mac. What kind of results can you expect? You’ll find out in the next few paragraphs.

Getting Started

The downside to downloading the app is that it requires you to undergo a certain amount of emotional blackmail to obtain Please click on this link to reach a page with a slider and an emoji for the ‘Pay What You Want’ option. If you drag the slider to the right you will see a very happy emoji, or if you drag it to the left you will see that emoji crying. Although we understand and agree with the need to pay developers for their work, this seems a little somewhat underhand. 

Charge your work or don’t, but don’t connive to manipulate people like that! As a thank you, if you offer to pay something, you will get free packs. Here we look at the pack-free version for the sake of this review. Following this hurdle, you are presented with a fully-featured advanced video editing package that allows you to do so much more than just crop your videos, refine the color levels, or export videos. The full suite includes filters, special effects, 2D and 3D composition tools, as well as a range of filters to choose from. However, like the website and tutorials of this program focus on making Hollywood-style movies, it’s also a great tool for uploading to Facebook, and Express’ main selling points are its advanced cutting tools, audio, and video filters, layers and masks, compositing tools, and keying for green-screen effects, as well as its 360-degree video support.

User Experience

HitFilm Express can be used by people who have experience with video editors, so it doesn’t come as a surprise when you start using it. There is a section for importing material, along with a timeline for arranging it, which is broadly similar to that of other comparable tools. It is true that some tools are located in different places, but it is not something that will slow down your progress HitFilm Express provides a vast selection of video tutorials designed to help you achieve mastery. It is also beneficial to experiment with effects, drop clips onto the timeline, and use composition tools in order to learn. 


You will find that the options here are quite impressive, and include high-quality animation options simply not available anywhere else for free. In addition, the interface is extremely flexible with preset workspaces, such as Audio, Colorist, Compositing, etc, where the windows are grouped according to the task at hand. However, you can also totally customize the layout or completely move the windows to your liking. It is great to have this flexibility, though you won’t be able to use all tools. Also, filters should be treated the same way. When you scroll through the Effects menu, you’ll notice that many of the effects are greyed out and have the word ‘Add On’ next to them in reddish-orange. It’s fair to say that so long as you’re working with traditional 2D media, you can create an edit – even one that’s reasonably complex – without relying on The inclusion of these features is nice, but not essential, and HitFilm Express’ developers emphasize this point, creating an app with a great editor and that is as good as most others at its price point.

New Features

It doesn’t mean the software is antiquated or out of date just because it’s free The site is constantly being New features include a Control/Pan and Zoom tool that allows you to pan across a photo or video clip over time this has been available on competing products for years – if not decades – so it’s nice to see it finally making the cut on the new version. The ability to export audio in the WAV format is also long overdue In addition to the Track Select Tool, which lets you highlight every item adjacent to or on the right of your selection, we also liked the Angle Selection Tool. Better still, depending on where you click, you can opt for either the audio or video option. There are a lot more shapes available now than there used to be, allowing you to create anything from a basic rectangle to highly complex polygon shapes. Shapes are bound to be more versatile than they used to be. A great addition that we could not have done without also makes us wonder how we did without it prior to the ability to add multiple outline lines to a text document. We enjoyed playing with the feature, as it is so simple to use and effective at the same time. Of course additional presets and templates will be found as well.


This is one of the best video editors available. It’s a multi-platform, dependable, and full-featured video-editing program that you can use without spending extra dollars on premium add-ons (although they’re welcome when needed). As we begin to see the quality of other free or very cheap alternatives, it’s hard to see why HitFilm Express is worth the time and effort, when it offers so much more.