Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Review

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For over a decade, Dell’s Inspiron line of laptops has been on the market, and it was about time the line was refreshed with better CPU and graphics It comes with a brushed metal finish on the lid, making it an attractive laptop for 2018.


In an instant, the metallic lid and the stylish Dell logo make a lasting impression, and the aesthetic is replicated on the sides and base, where another layer of metal is layered over Dell’s plastic skeleton for some shine. It is also very consistent when it comes to build quality. A little give is present on the underside of the device, but the wrist-rest barely budge and the screen seems sturdy, yet all the components are It wouldn’t be a problem for us to cram a Dell Inspiron 15 into a backpack and use it to travel. If you are concerned about aesthetic damage then you will need to use a protective sleeve. It isn’t a particularly expensive notebook, though, so don’t expect it to be adorned with metal. 

Aside from the underside of the base, which is covered in metal on areas that you can see, the keyboard, wrist-rest, and screen bezel are all crafted with matte black plastic that is hardly impressive. A trio of USB connections are nestled alongside a HDMI connection, Gigabit Ethernet, and an SD card reader here as well. It is easy to access the interior Only two screws are required to remove the base panel, and all the components are readily accessible, including the memory, hard drive, battery, processor, and wireless card. I am thrilled to learn that those who wish to repair or upgrade their own laptops will now have the option to do so. Due to its style and lack of an Ultrabook or convertible machine, it’s a little chunkier than either of its main competitors. 


Despite a single-height Return key, the Scrabble-tile keyboard features a number pad, which is a boon for productivity. Overall, the layout is mostly fine, but not thrilled with the single-height number pad. Although the keys aren’t great for serious typing, it’s a good starting point for people just getting started with the keyboard. There is a lack of firmness in the base, and the keys have a lack of travel – a combination of issues that can leave the keyboard feeling rigid, lacking the movement and feeling The only service you’ll really use with it is for browsing, instant messaging, and the occasional email. Although the trackpad is initially too sensitive, this can be adjusted in the Control Panel, and it works well elsewhere – the surface is smooth and responsive, and the buttons are light and responsive.