Can I Use Printer Power Cable For Ps4?

Can I Use Printer Power Cable For Ps4?


There are two cords on the cord. The Intel Core NC-08 is powered by a 250V battery. What are the chances of this working p on my PS4? I appreciate your many thanks.

What Kind Of Power Cable Does Ps4 Use?

Brand Name





125 volts

Can You Use Any Cable For Power Supply?

There is no need to purchase any cables. When fully loaded, a 1,000W power supply (80% efficient) will provide about 10 amps. This is well within the specifications of any of those cables. There are some compaines that sell heavier duty cables, with larger wires, but this is not necessary.

How Many Amps And Volts Is The Ps4 Power Cord?

Compatible Devices

Game Consoles


36 watts

Input Voltage

240 Volts

Current Rating

1 Amps

Frequency Range

60 hertz

Can I Use 120 Volt Power Cord On A Pa4?

According to Soltane Jerbi, “The power supply has an AC input of 100-240 volts.”. With your PS4 always at your side, you can take your game anywhere; just be sure to bring power adapter. From here, click here to get started. “The reason it says 120V is because it is the voltage that is used in Canada.

What Cables Will Power A Ps4?

Power cord compatible with Sony PS4 Pro Playstation 4 Pro console, Xbox One/Xbox 360 Slim / 360 E power supply brick, power cable replacement.

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