Best Halo Game


Can you tell me what the best Halo game is? It is common with game franchises that court such massive fanbases just to ask the question, but TechRadar decided to risk it all with a definitive ranking of the mainline Halo games (sorry, Spartan Assault) by arguing about it between us. From the beginning of the Halo games on the original Xbox, the fortunes of both the franchise and the console manufacturer were tightly bound together. In the wake of a one-year delay, Halo Infinite occupies a prominent position in the Xbox series X timeline, and its success will affect the legacy of both the Halo franchise and the new console in some regards. You can play past Halo games, whether or not you’re planning to play Halo Infinite, with Halo Legacy of Halo Legacy of Halo Legacy of Halo The Old Republic. There are multiple ways to purchase Master Chief Collection (MCC) games, including on Xbox Game Pass on PC and Xbox consoles, and on Steam for Anniversary editions of Halo are included in the MCC In addition to Halo 3, Combat Evolved, and Halo 2, as well as Launched on Xbox 360 are the games ODST, Halo Reach, and Halo 4. Halo 5 it is the latest installment. You can get Guardians for Xbox One / Xbox Series X as well, and they are likely to be the games with the most online multiplayer action right now. With its Smart Delivery system for free next-gen games upgrades and backwards compatibility, Microsoft is a market leader when it comes to backwards compatibility and forwards compatibility – it’s no surprise to see its tentpole franchise get continuous care and attention in each The question is, which Halo game is the best? And how do the other Halo games rate? Below you can find our take on the matter.

1. Halo: Combat Evolved

The halo The game that was the beginning of it all is Combat Evolved, and so a lot of respect should be given to that game. In only 20 years, the prospect of Microsoft having a game console seemed laughable, but its lineup of launch games proved otherwise, and Halo The Master Chief Collection was a big success. An important part of that was CE. As the first franchise to introduce an alien technology, galactic warfare, and humanity on the brink of defeat – while introducing one of gaming’s best supporting characters, Cortana – the franchise worked to capture the hearts of so many players and made Xbox a household name. What sets Halo apart from other games is Cee showed off what Bungie’s team could do when it came to Here you’ll find the iconic pistol and assault rifle, and you will be able to choose between human and alien weapons when participating in encounters, making each one a thrilling opportunity to twist up how you play. From the beginning of Halo, we see

It is the best Halo game, hands down. It is the one where the formula was forged, and it is the one where all Halo games are derived from.

2. Halo: Reach

Known as the last game from Bungie before it handed its work over to 343 Industries, Halo Reach holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers.

Likewise, the last-stand endgame ranks among the best and most memorable levels of the series, and it’s hard not to shed a tear for what was lost. But the game isn’t all sadness and sorrow. In Reach’s campaign you’ll discover new powers for sprinting, invulnerable armor locks, and hologram decoys as well as a surreal look at the Halo universe. Also, the spaceship battle level is a startling change in pacing, putting you head to head with Covenant warships, before giving you a breathless return to Do you know what the biggest tragedy is? There is any end to the campaign

3. Halo 3

Halo 3 – yeah, that’s it! Although it was never going to be the end of the trilogy, the game that called for players to ‘finish the fight’ was certainly a successful finale to the trilogy. Since it was the first Halo game to launch on the Xbox 360, it offered a big graphical upgrade over previous iterations, with expansive, detailed levels requiring real strategy to master, and incredibly insane set pieces that remain etched in players’ minds to this day. Blowing up a Scarab for the first time, isn’t that fun? We’re always sad to miss out on Elites – a sad side-effect of the alliance of the previous game – and the Cortana level is still divisive. It is also the story of this game which makes it a truly varied Halo game that will earn its stripes over time. It features waves of Flood, hordes of Brutes, and a climax with a Halo ring.

4. Halo 2

In the same way that Halo 3 established Xbox 360 as a legitimate contender in the console space, Halo 2 paved the way for Xbox Live to grow into what multiplayer capabilities of the first game were a perfect fit for Microsoft’s burgeoning online services, and the multiplayer in the second game raised the stakes even further. As a matter of fact, Microsoft only stopped using it in 2010 due to its popularity. Halo 2 was not only a multiplayer hit, but also introduced some new features. In the same way Halo Reach did, Regenerating Health replaced the need to find first aid kits. Dual-wielding was introduced, and players stepped into the eight-foot frame of an Arbiter, a Covenant elite. Using Halo 2 as an example, Combat Evolved helped make online first-person shooters a mainstay for console gamers. This paved the way for Call of Duty and other franchises to follow.

5. Halo 3: ODST

This is a unique entry in the Halo series, since you play as Master Chief but not as Master Chief himself. The game instead focuses on one of UNSC’s Orbital Drop Shock Troopers – a rank of soldier that drops from orbit into battle – after landing in a ruined, Covenant-covered city. The player must piece together the events of the previous night. A smashed-up vehicle or waylaid helmet is used as a prompt for a ‘flashback’ to another ODST mission, with Bungie content to use that item as a prompt for an investigation. There is something refreshing about the tight alleyways and corridors compared to the usual vistas of Halo games, while it can be hard not to feel underpowered compared to the Master Chief’s usual abilities (or overwhelmed As a result, you’ll have to backtrack through a lot of areas. to be fair, ODST goes off the beaten path as a Halo game, encouraging you to put the pieces of a day-old warzone together, and deserves its place on this list.

6. Halo 4

As the first Halo game to come after Bungie passed over the baton for the franchise, Halo 4 was always going to draw intense scrutiny, although perhaps unfairly. But 343 Industries was brave in bringing their vision of where Halo was heading into the game, which merits praise. Even though Halo has never been praised for its visual quality in the past, Halo 4 was absolutely gorgeous when it was released on Xbox 360 and set a darker tone for the series. There were plenty of evocative moments in the campaign as well. Cortana was struggling with rampancy, which negatively impacted her mental health. The Forerunner and Promethean enemies, while annoying, are not quite as important as what we wish they were in Halo 4. But multiplayer was where Halo 4 failed, as it was a dramatic departure from what Halo fans have come to expect. Halo 4 tried to mimic Call of Duty’s speed and twitch-like aspects, but lacking the smoothness that made that game so popular, it never felt easy Halo 5 largely fixed many of its mistakes that were evident in Halo 4. Nevertheless, the game was not well received.

7. Halo 5: Guardians

Halo 5 Let’s just say it, it’s great. It is clear that the Guardians made a lot of errors. Despite its marketing campaign, it failed to deliver on its promise of an exciting story centering around a supposed betrayal by Master Chief. The Spartans Locke, one of the driest and most boring individuals we have ever encountered, was the one that we had to chase across the galaxy as Master Chief. While we did at least get to play as Chief, we only did so sparingly, because most of the campaign’s missions were centered around Locke and his equally uninspired crew. Combine that with the dreary four-player co-op that suddenly becomes boring because of the horrible Promethean enemies – and even the broken AI when playing alone – and it’s easy to argue that Halo 5 has the weakest campaign in the whole The latest 343 Industries game, its first for the Xbox One, made Chief’s faithful companion, Cortana, into a villain. 343 Industries is known for its choice of villains, but it also decided to change Cortana’s loyalties. As a result, two of the series’ most beloved original characters were now labeled as baddies, and that wasn’t quite what fans were hoping for. 5’s campaign was horrible because it assumed players had read all Halo novels, and its story became convoluted and bloated as a result. It wasn’t all bad, though – Halo 5 Guardians was a good game! A truly exceptional multiplayer experience was provided by Guardians. Call of Duty approach of Halo 4 was a major misstep, but Halo 5 Guardians redeemed the game. It is possible that Guardians is able to successfully adapt Halo’s legendary multiplayer modes to fit modern players’ needs. We can assure you that Halo Infinite will at least nail this key aspect. Although the gunplay, fluidness of movement, and amazing multiplayer maps didn’t take the purists by surprise, they were still blown away by the gameplay.

8. Halo Wars 2

I realize that pitting Halo Wars 2 against the main series titles is unfair – after all, this is a real-time strategy game. However, Halo Wars 2 is worth mentioning, partly because the game’s main antagonists, The Banished, are the enemies you’ll face in Halo Infinite. Halo Wars 2 was an innovative RTS game that attempted to capture the essence of the Halo universe. It is absolutely true that the renowned strategy developer Creative Assembly accomplished this on many levels. There is a wealth of content in Halo Wars 2 that helps players immerse themselves in the action. It features an engaging story that revolves around a new menacing antagonist, Atriox, and plenty of fast-paced action. Halo Wars 2 nails the fundamentals of Halo in an entirely new genre. It’s incredible to watch armies of soldiers clash with Brutes and Covenant forces. If you have ever dreamed of leading a miniature Halo army, Halo Wars 2 lets you do so.

9. Halo Wars

The events of Halo Wars take place 21 years before the events of Halo. A new era of combat has begun. In addition to its outstanding pre-rendered cinematics and a controller control scheme that worked incredibly well for consoles, Halo Wars was a landmark attempt to make the RTS genre work in a console environment.


nt — and it certainly succeeded. It was the first time the series branched out from Master Chief’s core adventures, and Halo Wars expanded on many of its ideas. Halo 2 grew on many of its ideas, but Halo Wars was generally well-received by critics and fans alike. Even though it may not be remembered as one of the best Halo games ever created, for those who don’t quite enjoy first-person shooters, it was a delight to have the option to play the Halo Universe as a real-time strategy title./