Best Budget Gaming Monitor


Gaming monitors which offer features that would have cost a small fortune previously can be bought for a fraction of their original cost with cheap deals. With technology like 4K resolution and 144Hz refresh rates lowering monitor prices, we’ve experienced a price drop of over 30 percent in the last few months. When you add regular sales and discounts, you’ve got an incredible deal. With this post, we’ve featured all the affordable gaming monitors you should be interested in if you’re looking to save money on your next monitor, and we’ve covered all the key specifications and features you’ll need to know to make sure you’re in the right place. As well, you will find our lowest prices here, as well as the lowest prices from all around the web. There are plenty of cheap gaming monitors out there if you’re on the lookout for curved or 4K gaming monitor deals, AMD FreeSync or G-Sync plug-ins, or you simply want the best budget gaming monitor for under $100. As well as our top three inexpensive gaming monitor choices below we’ve included a handy buying guide at the bottom of this page for anyone not sure where to start or what to look for when choosing among low cost gaming monitors. Our guide also lists other gaming monitor deals that you can find in the upcoming back to school and Labor Day sales, so be sure to Check back soon to find out more.

1. Asus VP228HE

You want to buy the cheapest of our cheap gaming monitors, but you do not want to sacrifice quality? I will meet you right there with the Asus VP228HE. A fantastic display quality, bright color contrast, and vivid picture you’re getting at a reasonable price is reflected in the price of the device. Even though the 60Hz refresh rate might be a deal breaker for a high-powered gamer, Asus’s Flicker-Free tech and 1ms response time ensure that you’ll still be able to enjoy gaming at its very best. Enhanced dark regions of the screen are enhanced with the Game display profile while light sections are left alone, meaning you clearly see your screen while playing, but other parts appear washed out. display modes to choose from, and navigating the user interface can be a little complicated at first, but for under $100 / £100 you get a display that offers a lot of excellent extra features that other models at this price point don’t.

2. Acer Nitro VG271

It’s a good choice if you’re looking for an all-rounder at a price you can afford. An IPS panel with HDR 400 and the possibility of upgrading to WQHD picture make this a lot to be excited about. Thanks to the 144Hz refresh rate, you can keep up with fast motion, and the IPS screen ensures quality images. This device is very limited in its G-Sync options because of the incredible features it offers, but you’re picking up an inexpensive gaming monitor that has a high-quality picture and fast refresh times.

3. Asus VP28UQG

With this model from Asus, it’s hard to find a cheaper 4K gaming monitor that’s worth running such a high image resolution on. A fantastic display quality combines beautifully with some of Asus’ best gaming features to offer outstanding value for money. A big draw to Asus’ line of cheap gaming monitors has always been the clarity of the colors and the ability to highlight darker shadows during gameplay, but now the same applies in 4K. Additionally, you get a screen that is compatible with both FreeSync and G-Sync here – a nice bonus. Furthermore, as an added benefit, the Asus VP28UQC also boasts eye-strain reducing technologies like a flicker-free display panel and a blue light filter that can be easily modified through A cheap gaming monitor deal is harder to find, but there are few that can beat them by so much.

4. BenQ EX2510

It offers HDMI 2.1 with 4K resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate – the ideal monitor for next-gen consoles. There is no such thing as a perfect next-generation console monitor In the meantime, brands are working on HDMI 2.1 displays. The BenQ EX2510, however, is the next best thing for people who don’t want to break the bank to upgrade. There are still a lot of expenses associated with using 4K monitors with a 120Hz refresh rate, and as it stands today, the PS5 doesn’t support native 1440p resolution (running a 1080p output on a 1440p display can also cause problems). Although the BenQ comes with a smaller display, its increase in picture quality at 1080p will make up for the loss in real estate. Here, you’ll get bright colors and an overall image that is sharp, and with a 400-nit brightness level, you’ll be able to see your games clearly.

5. LG UltraGear 24GL600F

A cheap, super-fast monitor might be perfect for those on a budget. While you give up some flexibility in tilting or viewing angles, you won’t find a better 144Hz display for the price. You’ll also find a 1ms response time with this monitor. As for the LG, there is a TN panel on here, which will lower the overall image quality a little in darker rooms, but it’s simply unbeatable for speed or value if you plan on playing in bright environments.

6. Alienware AW2521HF

In case you need a high speed gaming screen in a smaller space, this Alienware 25″ monitor might be perfect for you. There is no doubt that our 240Hz refresh rate makes this an incredibly smooth experience – particularly as both AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync are powered up under the hood for the best Then there’s a 1080p IPS panel on top of it all, so you’re getting dual-layer speed on top of that. A little less resolution than more expensive monitors might offer, but even on a smaller screen you’ll get a stunning picture quality and a good anti-glare coating that’ll serve you well in a lot of environments. If you can pick all of that up for under $400 / £350, that is a great deal, and you can usually find it even cheaper.

7. AOC C32G2

In case you’re drawn to curved gaming displays, the AOC C32G2 offers an excellent display within a reasonable budget, with all the features you’d likely find in more expensive displays. An exquisite 165Hz refresh rate ensures a smooth picture with AMD FreeSync enabled, making the AOC a very popular display in the gaming industry. There is still a full range of 178 / 178 viewing angles as well here. When you first load the game, you may notice ghosting, and you may also need to fiddle with the settings to find the best configuration for your particular environment and games. Nevertheless, you’ll be glad you didn’t spring for an even more expensive curved gaming monitor when it’s all set up. There is nothing out of the ordinary about this monitor, but it does a great job of gaming at a low low price. it may take some extra work to get it set up properly, a larger screen will not only increase gaming immersion, but you’ll also find improvements in productivity with that wide panel providing enough space for multitasking no matter what you’re working on. Therefore, the player’s capabilities are excellent, making this the best choice for anyone working from home and wanting to play at the same time.

Cheap Gaming Monitor Deals: What to Look Out for

If you are looking for a cheap gaming monitor, you are probably already knowledgeable about the obvious specs. As an example, a size and resolution matter, as well as extra features. In any case, there are two more factors that gamers looking for a cheap gaming monitor will want to consider when shopping gaming monitor sales – refresh rate and response time. Both of these factors help maintain your monitor as quickly as possible by updating it with as many images as Pixels are colored in response to the time it takes for the pixel to change onscreen, and the number of times an image is displayed in a second is governed by the refresh rate. For the greatest possibility of muscle memory and optimal twitch reflexes, you should look for the smallest possible response time and the highest possible refresh rate in any cheap gaming monitor deal you may encounter. Furthermore, if your GPU is not capable of running at that speed, purchasing a cheap gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate doesn’t make sense. You should check the maximum refresh rate of your GPU in order to make sure a high-resolution display will be able to deliver the best possible performance. Alternatively, you may have to future-proof your purchase to protect yourself from future problems. Now, you can also get cheap gaming monitors with incredibly fast 1ms response times, which would be ideal for a display in this price range.

How Much do Cheap Gaming Monitors Cost?

A gaming monitor can cost anywhere from $50 to $1,500 these days, if you look carefully for workable specs that matter, with a little FreeSync flavor thrown in there for style, you can easily find under $200 / £200 gaming monitors. When searching for a higher resolution display, such as a QHD or 4K panel, you should look closer to $250 / £250.

Which Monitors are Best for Gaming?

In general, gaming monitors tend to differ in specifications from everyday displays for work or browsing the web, or even more creative industrial projects requiring fine color precision. more interested in a low response time and fast refresh rate, a good gaming monitor ensures that your screen doesn’t enlarge the colors of the darker hues. Plus, you should consider tearing and ghosting when shopping for cheap gaming monitors. To match framerates with a GPU’s output and avoid stuttering effects according to the specifications of a gaming monitor, FreeSync, or even G-Sync, is supported.

Is a Gaming Monitor Better Than a TV?

When it comes to gaming, there are a few differences between monitors and televisions that one needs to keep in mind, whether you’re looking to connect your next-generation console to a smaller screen or if you want to pick up a cheap 4K TV for your PC. The short answer is that gaming monitors are better suited to desktop use than TVs – not least because 4K TVs generally start at 43-inches in size and offer lower resolutions that can be unpleasantly nauseating for up-close viewing. TVs offer a larger viewing area but also longer input lag. Monitors give you a faster response time. Overwatch is definitely a game that requires tournament-grade precision and speed, so you’ll find a gaming monitor bundle is your best bet. Aside from that, gaming monitors generally have higher refresh rates than (most) TVs – which also means you will get a more seamless gaming experience. When it comes to your setup, we suggest picking up an OLED TV deal if you don’t plan on running it from a gaming desk. OLED panels cost far more than typical gaming monitors, but they offer faster response times, better contrast ratios, and 120Hz refresh rates. As of right now, you won’t find many OLED gaming monitors on the shelf, and the ones that are available are far.