Apocalypse Movies on Netflix


In the case of a global pandemic, one would think that there would be a decrease in appetite for stories about the end of civilization. Some Netflix subscribers dove headfirst into Tiger King to escape from the outside world, while others piled on with Outbreak and Contagion to become the most-watched series of 2021. And Netflix has continued to cater to these gluttons for punishment during 2021 as well All three releases will occur in the coming weeks, including Awake, Sweet Tooth, and season 2 of Black Summer. Here is a list of 10 of the service’s best post-apocalyptic originals for those who don’t like pure escapism.

Bird Box

45 million people watched Bird Box on Netflix to mark Christmas in 2018. This claustrophobic horror is supposed to drive people to suicide. It may not sound festive, but it definitely shouldn’t be regarded as festive. While the adaptation of Josh Malerman’s same-named novel doesn’t quite hit the same heights as the similarly themed A Quiet Place, you can understand why it was a post-Thanksgiving dinner favorite thanks to its beautiful stars and plot. Even with Sandra Bullock’s brilliantly gutsy performance, this is still a tense, taut survival tale that will hold your attention for the entire runtime.

Into the Night

Once the Earth’s inhabitants have been wiped out by the sun’s rays, a hijacked plane must outrun the sun. One-season wonders like Lost are still being created, but Netflix’s first Belgian original has been renewed for a second season thanks to its outstanding character development, diverse cast, and ability to keep the viewer on the edge of his or her seat throughout the series’ Furthermore, as the show runs for just a few hours, you can watch it all in one Take a look at the science behind the catastrophe, but don’t get too engrossed.

What Happened to Monday?

The Dystopian sci-fi thriller gives Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany a run for her money as Noomi Rapace plays 7 identical twins with 7 distinct personalities. Monday was a holiday, so what happened? This novel takes place in a near-future where a one-child policy has been implemented in order to control the population.

The Society

The movie is about the discovery that all other mankind has mysteriously vanished after a group of all-American teens (played by actors who look astoundingly young). A superficial glance at The Society gives the impression that it’s just another Along with all the typical high school clichés there are debates about democracy, privilege, and religion, making this as much a portrayal of the existential mystery and gloss of Riverdale as it is of the glossy might of the show. However, due to real-world events, a second series was not produced, but the first still contains a satisfactory resolution enough to justify the investment.

Army of the Dead

Zack Snyder returned to his genre roots this year with arguably his most entertaining film since Dawn of the Dead following nearly a decade of increasingly bloated shenanigans in the DC Extended Universe. In spite of its title, this typical OTT mash-up has nothing to do with Romero’s classic remake of 2004. Rather, it is an entirely new franchise (a prequel and animated television series will soon follow) in which an ensemble of robbers attempts to rob a casino, which, like the rest of its zombiefied Las Vegas setting, is on the verge of being nuked. Though it is completely ridiculous, unlike the vast majority of Snyder’s comic books, it never forgets to be funny.

Tribes of Europa

Tribes of Europa was reportedly created as a response to Brexit, following three ambitious siblings trying to restore order to the continent after a cataclysmic event dubbed Black December splits the continent into One of the keys to unlocking the mystery is located within a cube found in an air crash wreckage. In 2074, 45 years after the disaster, here is a dystopian sci-fi that might be too overwhelming for some readers. There is almost as much brutality and bloodshed in its six episodes as there is in the entire series This is not to say that the film is not violent, however rather, since it’s made by the team behind Netflix’s breakout German hit Dark, such hyperviolence is balanced by beautiful cinematography and intriguing mythology that deserves more exploration.

The Midnight Sky

Once again puts in double duty as he stars in this decidedly chilly end-of-the-world drama that makes one wonder if he was taking notes while filming Steven Soderbergh’s As a terminally ill scientist living in the Arctic Circle, the director returns to the screen for the first time since 2016. He must warn a space crew on their way back to Earth that the Earth is no longer habitable due to radiation. A film steeped in melancholy, The Midnight Sky is far more interested in considering human connection, redemption, and the future of civilization than in providing Though the set-pieces, like the perilous spacewalk, ensure there is still plenty to feast the eyes on, the impressive score by Alexandre Desplat makes it sound equally.

The Rain

I believe that The Rain would have garnered more attention had it debuted during the midst of the dystopian young adult boom rather than toward the tail end. As in this Danish original, toxic rain is the enemy, having almost destroyed all of Scandinavia. The reluctant heroes are Rasmus and Simone, siblings who have just emerged from an underground bunker after six years below the ground. Together, they travel across the United States in search of their father who abandoned them and a cure. They join forces with several other compelling young survivors, many of whom have fascinating personal histories. I challenge you to think about Nordic TV the same way you’ve always thought of noirish crime and woolly jumpers.


In an overcrowded zombie genre, Cargo brings something different to the overrated zombie stable. It’s adapted from a short film released four years earlier, with the same title.  There is a disease that turrns people into zombies.


You shouldn’t let the fact that this outlandish comedy drama was canceled by Netflix after just one season discourage you from watching it. Daybreak is a joyously anarchic adaptation of Brian Ralph’s comic book series of the same name that combines a postmodern Ferris Bueller sensibility (even Matthew Broderick makes an appearance) with the postapocalyptic tone As the transfer student searching for his absent girlfriend in the wake of a nuclear blast that has transformed all adults into bloodthirsty mutants, Colin Ford is at the center of the film. In contrast to all the self-serious YA novels, the book is more about the pyromaniac tween, the bully-turned-samurai, and their group of friends.