All the Kit you Need to Improve your LoL Skills 

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LoL stands for League of Legends which is an extremely popular video game that was released back in 2009. The fact that it still attracts so many users 12 years later shows how popular a game it is. It is a multiplayer game that is based in an online battle arena where you can compete with your friends or team up with them and compete with strangers. The game is you’ll be a part of a team of 5 and you’ll be playing against another team of 5, the aim is to destroy your opponent’s base, if you do your team wins the game. Many dedicated League of Legend players have spent upwards of 1000 hours playing the game and have super high skill levels. Whilst time is the most important thing when you want to improve your League of Legend skills, you’ll need the right kit too. 

The skills that you need. 

There’s a variety of skills that you need as a player to succeed at playing League of Legends and there are many in-game skills that your character needs to develop too. In the game every player is given a matchmaking rating, this rating is important to the game as it determines your league point game when you play so this is something you’ll want to focus on, you can find all the information you’ll need in this article about improving your mmr in LoL.

Some of the main skills that you’ll need to develop as a player include your timing, this is important in LoL as if you know this you’ll be able to predict your opponent’s skill cooldown time and strike them when they can’t fight back. Being able to read the map is also vital, if you don’t know your surroundings thoroughly in the game then you’ll struggle to find your opponent’s base and destroy it. Some of the other most important skills you need to develop as a player include vision control and being able to control the minions. 

The most important skills that your character needs to develop to allow you to get better at the game include your combat skills, the greater your fighting ability is the more likely you are to be able to take out your opponents and win the game. The other most important skill is farming, this is the foundation for success in the game. Without farming, you cannot win, even with a high combat level as you can’t win a battle without weapons. 

The kit that you need. 

The in-game kit that will help you improve your skills depends on your playing style, each champion’s kit has different abilities and so has a different impact on the game. As a player you’ll need several things to be successful at LoL, the most important piece of kit that you need is a high-quality gaming laptop as it’s a big program to run. If you use a normal computer it may lag so make sure what your playing on can run the game smoothly.