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Working from Home: How to Build a Home Server Room

Work-life really has changed in the past year; with many of us having to adapt to working from home. The idea of this at first sounded great who wouldn’t want to be able to work from wherever you like in the house (even in bed!) and have access to endless snacks without the fear of people judging you for eating your body weight in biscuits. However, it’s just not as easy as it first seemed, is it? From lack of motivation and routine to poor WIFI signal and not having access to all the equipment we would usually have in the workplace. Something that some people have decided to do, is to build a home server room, to combat these issues. For those who aren’t aware, a server room is a room (usually air-conditioned) that is devoted to the continuous operation of computer servers.


What to Buy?

While there are so many variations of possible components when building a server, there are some basic requirements that everyone will have: Chassis, Motherboard, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive. It may be hard work, but it will be worth it in the long run when you have your very own, successful home server room, perfect for working from home. Other things include a computer, a broadband network connection, a network router, a monitor and keyboard, and a CD/DVD drive/burner will be handy if you plan to use the server for media.


Determine appropriate room size

Firstly, it is a good idea to access what space you have available before cracking on with building your server room. You will need to be realistic in determining how much space you actually need to be able to build a well-functioning server room at home. You need to take into account that you not only need space for the servers themselves but also wires, cables, and possibly other equipment. Making sure that the room is big enough, means that you can use and monitor it easier and with more comfort, without it being cramped.


Keep the room cool

Server rooms often require an air conditioning unit, preferably one that is wall-mounted to prevent it from getting in the way or interfering with any of the equipment. The reason that it is so important for the room to remain cool is so that the equipment would overheat if the room was too warm; the equipment itself produces a lot of heat, therefore the room must be cool and dry to keep everything running smoothly and safely. This also relates to the space you build your server room, if it is a small room with lots of equipment then it will heat up quicker than a big spacious room. You can thermometer and humidifier in the room to ensure that it is cool at all times and can notice any signs of overheating before it is too late.


Be ready to invest

Of course, there are ways of building a home server room slightly more money efficiently, however, you need to be ready to spend quite a lot of money in order for it to be good quality, safe and worthwhile. You need to expect to spend at least $1000, anything less and I’d say the equipment is not sufficient enough to be used in a well-functioning server room. It is crucial to choose durable equipment as it will be running for hours a day. While you may not think you are saving yourself money at the time, by buying a server that is good quality, you will not need to replace them. It would also be a good idea to pay for a vps to make sure that everything runs at very high performance, including speed, privacy, hosting control, management, the ability to upgrade at will, and several other amazing benefits for your domain.



In an ideal world, we all want to have a super-fast internet connection. However, the connection you need will depend on what you need to use it for. Usually, any sort of connection will do, unless you intend to be streaming videos to loads of users. If you have a fairly stable connection already, you can continue to use it as normal; just keep your server connected to the router. Your choice of providers will vary depending on your area. If you have a choice, pick a provider that offers good, reliable speeds. The server’s also going to need an Ethernet card (also known as a network interface card, or NIC), and one that works with your chosen operating system. Make sure you research this first to see what is right for you.


Monitor and Keyboard

If you have an old monitor and keyboard then that is perfect! You can keep moving your laptop back and forth if you wish, but it would be much better for practicality if you have a monitor and keyboard that you are able to use solely for your server room. It is possible (depending on your job) that you’ll only need these while you get your server up and running. However, it is handy to have a monitor and keyboard to hand for any future debugging and server upgrading.

If you make the correct choices, building your own server room can be very satisfying and worthwhile, especially for those who are having to work from home. By following these steps, you are more likely to be successful in creating a server room that is useful to you and is well maintained.

How it Works: An In-Depth Look at Fiber Optics

If you’re not into tech then as technology has become much more sophisticated and complex you may have struggled to keep up with what everything means. There is so much technology-related lingo that the average person doesn’t understand, whilst they might have heard of a lot of these tech terms it’s likely a lot of people don’t actually know what they are. There is so much to technology and computers that is extremely difficult to understand. One of the things many people talk about and are aware of is fibre optics but many people don’t actually know what this means or how it works. We’ve found some great in-depth information about fibre optics so next time you’re stuck in a tech conversation you’ll know what you’re talking about.

What is Fibre Optics?

Fibre optics are also known as optical fibres and they were a great development in tech that has aided the creation of many things. It was a great breakthrough in technology as it is the tech that is highly associated with allowing the transmission of data to occur through using light beams and having them travel across a glass or plastic fibre strand. Most of the things that fibre optics is now used for it has been an upgrade from copper wires, which are much slower for communications. All fibre optic cables differ slightly as they contain different numbers of these glass or plastic fibre strands, from a few to hundreds of them. They’re also covered in cladding which is another glass layer that surrounds the fibres for additional protection. There are 2 additional layers for protection, a buffer tube sits on top of the cladding and on top of this is the layer commonly referred to as the jacket.

What are Fibre Optics used for?

The development of fibre optics was game-changing for many areas as it is a much more efficient and faster way of transferring data. The most well-known use of fibre optics is to allow people to have high-speed internet connection, fibre optic is the newest and fastest type of broadband, so if your old broadband isn’t working for you anymore then you can upgrade to a fibre optic one and luckily for you there are many options so make sure you compare the latest fibre optic broadband deals. The fibre optics are a lot less bulky than the copper-wired older broadbands to use and they’re more flexible and carry much more data. Fibre optics has also become heavily relied on for networking between computers, again, it makes communications among computers in the same network much quicker. Sharing data between computers in the same building is much more effective with the use of fibre optics, so much so that you can actually notice a decrease in how long it takes to send files from one computer to another once you make the upgrade.

Another field where fibre optics have been groundbreaking is one that you may not expect; the dentistry industry. Similarly to this, it has also been adapted to help in various surgeries. This technology is actually widely used in medicine and helped with creating advanced new fewer systems to make surgery risky. Since using this technology there are more non-invasive surgery options replacing traditional surgeries, one of the most well-known surgeries that take advantage of this technology is endoscopies. In the medical field, fibre optics are still explored in biomedical research to this day.

Some of the other most common uses of fibre optics are in the car industry, they’re really important for safety when driving as they’re used for the lights both in the interior and on the exterior of the car and thanks to the fast communication time they’re also used in other safety features like airbags. They improved telephone communication, have made it possible to have fun colored lights for example fun Christmas lights and they’re also highly important in the military as they allow for data to be kept more securely.

How does Fibre optics work?

Fibre optics work by very quickly transmitting data to its destination in the form of light, or if you want to use the technical term ‘photons’. The two glass layers; the strand itself and the cladding allow this to happen as they have a different refractive index to each other which means that the light that’s sent is bent at a particular angle. This causes something called total internal reflection as the light particle will zig-zag between the two layers.

The reason that fibre optics is the best choice for quick communication is that light can travel faster than anything. The speed of light is the fastest thing in the world, whilst the dense glass layers prevent the photons from traveling at the speed of light, they travel at around 70% of the speed of light which is still extremely fast. If the data is traveling far then within the system there is usually a repeater, their job is to convert the signal back to an electric one and re-transmit the optical signal to make sure it arrives at its destination.

There are 2 types of fibre optics: multimode fibre and single-mode fibre. They work in the same way but single-mode is generally used for shorter distances while multimode fibre is better suited for any longer distances.

How Does Aimbot Technology Actually Work? 

In the last few years, the world of gaming has really started to change. Every year, more and more people take up gaming which means that gaming servers are a lot busier than they once were. Gaming has also shifted substantially in terms of playing for fun in comparison to playing for monetary gain.  

Though nobody could have expected it, it is now entirely possible to make money while also having fun playing the games that you love. A new era of competitive gaming has really started to kick off, which means there are more talented players than ever before.  

Because these talented players usually play for money, they get quite a lot of practice. For this reason, if you are someone that wants to take part in this experience or even just enjoy a simple session of your favorite game, you have to try and keep up just so you can continue to have an enjoyable experience.  

Keeping up is not as easy as you may think and some people simply don’t have the hours to continue to practice their skills. For some, this can be frustrating and there has been an increase of people that have decided to quit gaming altogether. For others, this added difficulty has given them the opportunity to use some of their own techniques to keep up and allow them to progress in the leaderboards.  

I am of course referring to the use of Aimbots. You may be familiar with aimbots and you may even use them yourself. However, aimbots still manage to remain a mystery to some gamers out there, so what exactly are aimbots and how does aim bot technology work?  

What is an aimbot? 

A simple explanation of aimbots can be easily derived from its name. An aimbot is a tool that a lot of gamers out there use in order to ensure that they are achieving every shot that they can while they play their games. Aimbots guarantee a hit and are even used to people who are training for games so they can get a visual idea of where the best place to aim is and where they will get more damage points.  

How does aimbot technology work? 

An aimbot is actually a software tool that can be downloaded onto any PC. Aimbots allow players to hit their enemies with shots, even if they aren’t aiming at them in video games. Aimbots actually work in a very simple way. When an aimbot is in use, the player will receive the data of every other player that is in their game, even if they can’t see them on the screen.  

Once they do become visible on the screen, the software already knows all that they need to know about that character, such as the appearance of their player model and their movement track. The aimbot can then use this information to shoot them when it is right to do so, usually in a way that looks convincing.  

How do gamers feel about aimbots? 

For the most part, aimbots have been widely accepted as a part of gamer life. Though many choose to not use aimbots, they don’t have much to say about those that do. Though of course there is controversy about aimbots, many people can’t really complain. After all, if you are someone that is getting dayz hacks and cheats from veterancheats, then you can’t really complain about someone using an aimbot. This software gives people an opportunity to really take part and really enjoy the games they are playing.  




How Does YouTube’s Suggestion Algorithm Work?

Data protection and knowing what information is being used by our favorite websites is a very important thing, and with things like suggested searches making it clear that these pages are saving our information it is normal to be worried about what is actually being recorded in terms of your personal data. I am going to go through how Youtube’s search suggestion algorithm works to put your minds at ease that there are no shady dealings going on when your data is recorded by this popular streaming platform.


Recommended Searches

Youtube’s recommended search system works to provide you with videos that you may like based on your account subscriptions and previous watches, this useful tool opens up hours of new content for you that you may not have even seen before if you were left to browse yourself. The recommended search algorithm looks at many factors based on the information that is shown on your Youtube profile and looks for new videos that you are likely to enjoy. The great thing about this development is that it won’t just show you content from creators you have watched before and it will actually take into account the theme of the video.


Recommended searches are particularly useful when you are playing music on youtube, don’t you just hate it when your favorite playlist comes to an end and you’ve run out of suggestions for the queue. Well, thanks to YouTubes’ inclusion of this software on their platform your playlists will never end, and when they do they will go on play music based on what you were playing previously. Although many people worry about their information being stored I am sure you will agree that this function is very useful.


Auto Play

The autoplay function that has been added to Youtube is a pretty new development and much like their suggestions algorithm, it uses your previous search history to select videos that you may want to watch when you have finished watching your selected content. This is a great addition as it saves you the time you would have spent looking for your next video and chooses it for you, the results are usually pretty good and I personally enjoy that they don’t just choose a video from a creator you already watch and instead use the genre of the video to find an alternative. This is a great way to discover new creators who you may not have come across based upon your own viewing choices.


Using Your Recent Watches

The fact that Youtube uses your search history to find these suggested videos does not sit easily with everyone, storing information of any kind is usually seen as a breach of privacy. The great thing about Youtube as a platform is that they are very transparent when they introduce a new process and you actually have the option to turn off suggested content if this is something that you are worried about. This makes it seem as though their intentions were honorable when they set about developing this new software, so if you have something against your search history being recorded for suggestions then you can turn it on and off as you please.


How Does it Affect Creators?

This software is also very beneficial for creators on Youtube as it allows for extra exposure if their videos manage to pop up in the suggestions bar. Many creators choose to include the optimal youtube tags to maximise exposure so that they are more likely to be recommended to more people around the world and ultimately benefit their channel and Youtube career.

The 5 Hottest Tech Firms Working out of London

Times have changed massively since all business was done on paper, now a business can not survive in the market if they aren’t tech literate. As technology started to develop more, it became cheaper and more accessible to people and businesses, and now it’s hard to imagine a world without it.

Using tech in a business has a wide range of benefits, it allows business operations to run much more smoothly, it saves time, effort, and resources, as it’s saving resources it is also helping to cut running costs. It improves efficiency, helps aid your communication with partners or clients, and technology allows businesses to find new opportunities within their external business environment giving them the chance to thrive. Technology is extremely important and unfortunately, it can be quite complex, more software and programs are always being developed, and it can be hard to keep up with all the latest changes. If you’re working in London and struggling with some aspects of technology for business then finding a good IT consultant in London could be the answer to all your prayers. There are lots of tech firms working in London who would be able to provide you with the help you need, to help make your search a bit easier we’ve found 5 of the best tech firms that are currently working out of London.


McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company is an outstanding tech firm, they have 50+ years of experience so are equipped to deal with any tech issues you may have and if you’re embarrassed by your lack of knowledge don’t be, over 50 years they’ll have heard all the stupid questions that can possibly be asked. If you want your business to hire consultants with a great corporate social responsibility then this is the perfect firm as they do lots of pro bono work for the public sector, have schemes to help encourage youth entrepreneurship and lead a program that helps to teach underprivileged students tech to help with future job prospects.


Bain & Company

Bain & Company’s London office is located near Charing Cross station and is one of the more modern and cool looking offices of a tech firm but it’s actually over 40 years old. The team at Bain & Company is a fun lot, they created the Bain World Cup as a social for Bain offices worldwide and also created a Bain Band. If you’re intimidated about asking for tech support then this down-to-earth group will make you feel relaxed and would be a good fit for you.


OC&C Strategy

OC&C is another good firm to associate your business with for your business’ image as they put a lot of effort in to make their staff feel comfortable, they have extra support for their marginalized staff such as those who are part of the LGBT community. They’ve been known to take on a lot of high-profile and difficult projects, but they always complete them to a high standard and seem to enjoy completing them. This is because the team is extremely passionate about tech and because they have a great work-life balance which helps to boost productivity during work hours.


Infinity Group

Infinity has fewer clients than the other firms on this list as client satisfaction is so important to them they want to make sure they always have time to help the clients they have thoroughly. They’re an excellent firm with many prestigious professional certificates including being Microsoft Gold partners. They cater to your every need as their focus is on making things work how you need them too and out of the firms on this list, they have the best customer feedback.


Sphere It

Sphere It has a great team of professionals who thought that understanding tech is just as important as being able to read and write so thought that it should be accessible to everyone. They’re trustworthy and transparent at every stage of your contract with them and they’re extremely flexible, allowing you to scale up or down your needs at any point. As the team has different specialties, in that office between them they will cover any tech need you may have so you know you’re in good hands.

How Is Technology Helping In Giving Shape To The Education Of Students? 

Technology is helping in getting the best education, and it is useful in every aspect of life. People have been using advanced technology in many things, and now we can’t imagine our lives without these things. There is no stopping in the advancement even now because everything shows some types of things that still need some up-gradation.  

These things are only making human lives easier and helping people get what they want at the place of their convenience. With the gradual advancement, it is easy for people to adapt to all the changes easily. It is making every person prepare for what is coming in the future. 

How did technology advance in the educational institutes? 

In the primary ages, people didn’t have much technology. They used to take help from books, and even before that, people used slated to write and learn things. Books are the traditional learning and writing method, and there is no denying that they won’t fade away too. 

The reason books will always be in the educational systems because there is no better way of reading something than reading it from books. As technology grew, schools started to provide e-classes. But these classes were pre-recorded, and they needed special devices to work.  

The smart-class objects allowed students to get knowledge in a better and more fun way. It is because watching a movie and learning about it is better. And teachers also get a better way to help kids in learning. Teachers will ask and provide solutions to the kids in case of any problems and issues.  

These types of things were expensive, so only schools can provide them. Parents can’t buy and provide such education to their kids at home. Now, due to the pandemic of Coronavirus, a lot of parents were afraid of their kids not getting the knowledge they need. All thanks to technology, that there was no barrier between kids and their educations.  

These are the following measures taken by the schools and institutions for the kids to get their education, 

  • Every household has a smartphone with access to the internet. So these institutions made a decision and started providing classes on smartphones. 
  • With the internet’s help, these classes are for free, and they are easy to use. By staying at home, they are safe and are keeping their families safe too.  
  • These classes are convenient and are capable of providing the education that the kids need. 

Schools even cut off some percentage of their fee to provide relaxation to the kids and their parents. This way, there is no hurdle in education. If there was a stop to the classes, it would have had a significant effect on the kids.  

It could result in low advancement of the country and also no better opportunities for kids. 

What are the benefits of technology advancement in education? 

The benefits are not only for the kids, and this has given possible advancement to the people globally. Even if the countries did not have the resources to get the technology on their own, it became possible with the help of others.  

Here are the different advantages to people all over the world, 

Easy learning of technology: 

Now that there is advancement in technology, not only kids but also the teachers can learn. Yes, many teachers who are aged and never had experience with the technical part of the world are learning them. Sometimes such things need to become an obligation too. Because then it leads to better knowledge too. When the teachers are slowly getting used to the technology, it is easy for them to learn the advanced forms. 

No need to go out: 

Some people need education, but they can’t get to that place and get the education they need. With the help of technology, many teachers are now providing services on the internet and are giving many services. It is mostly with the women who need to learn more but cannot go out due to their jobs and households. A class of a mere one hour a day can get them the satisfaction of learning what they want to learn. 

Easy one-on-one classes: 

People are always concerned that they cannot learn between a lot of people, and they need interaction. So technology has given a solution to this problem too. People are using the classes to get knowledge on a one-on-one basis. It allows them to get the information they want at the convenience of their home. Not all students are the same, so it helps them get the personalized education they need. This way, the class goes based on the pace of the student. It will help the teacher provide proper focus and efforts too. 

Greater reach: 

When it comes to an institution, they can provide the knowledge they possess to the kids who are far away. It increases their reach to the students and also increases the reputation of the institute. With the help of online classes, the institution doesn’t have to be big enough for students’ bigger capacity. It will create a low budget, and it will also affect students’ fees as it will be lower than all the other ones. 

Lifelong learning: 

 In schools, there is generally a criterion of the age of students. A person who wants to get the education of school will not think about it because of the embarrassment of sitting with the kids. With the help of online classes, there is no need for age. It will help people get an education at any time and any age. It also helps people get enrolled in the courses they thought they couldn’t because of lack of time. 

The bottom lines, 

Using video classes is making it a better place for kids to get their education. It is the best way of learning and has no known drawbacks. It makes everyone become advanced and become comfortable with the technology that is present or is upcoming in the future. 

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