It is an age of exploration.
Of resources, skills and ideas. New tools are creating important innovations in art, architecture and design.
To limit these researches into formal expression would be an understatement. Adaptability, responsiveness, and customization are key values in this technological change. These concepts transform the digital output in a real innovation, more than the tools themselves. Noumena Architecture, in collaboration with Advok communication, launches RESHAPE ® a competition of computational design and digital fabrication focused, in its first edition, on the topic of LIVING.
RESHAPE ® is a platform for dialogue between visions and reality, dragging new ideas in the most cynical arena: the Market. RESHAPE ® is a challenge for designers, architects and makers. We are looking for innovative projects, characterized by performances, manufactures and costs.
It is an age of exploration.
Be part of it.

RESHAPE ® is a competition for the production of ideas.
We are seeking for innovative thinking.
The topic of Living present several challenges that can be reshaped by designers.
All ideas have to present a clear fabrication strategy, taking into consideration economic and production aspect. All techniques must be connected to the use of digital machines such milling, 3d printing and laser cut machine. The scale can vary from small to large size objects. We accept furnishing, lighting, decoration or tools elements.
We ask participants to be product designers and to design as makers.
Once the competition is over the aim is to bring them together and present them into the market.
RESHAPE ® will become a brand and sell his products trough an e-commerce page.
RESHAPE ® is seeking designers and fabrication centers to create a network of ideas and production.
The ability of being connected to the growing network of FabLabs around the world will enable agility and flexibility in providing high competitiveness in the market and visibility for the designer.
So RESHAPE ®  can became an opportunity for designers to express their ideas and for FabLabs to be part of a new fabrication community.


RESHAPE® is a competition organized by Noumena Architecture and Advok communication.
Noumena is a young networking platform for design, computation and innovation located in Italy and Spain. Noumena is investigating between the boundaries of new digital paradigmas and design strategies.
Founded in Frosinone in 2004 by Salvatore Pigliasco, Advok is an agency operating in all areas of communication. It employs a young staff of experts which follows numerous projects, including publications, magazines, advertising, graphic realization, videos, events, always collaborating with the best professionals in the industry.
The competition involves several partners as IaaC (Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalunya), Fab Lab Barcelona and Solido3d.
The IaaC is a cutting edge education and research center dedicated to the development of an architecture capable of meeting the worldwide challenges in the construction of habitability in the early 21st century.
Fab Lab Barcelona is a center of production, investigation and education, that uses last generation (as of 2008) computer-assisted design software for the creation of prototypes and scale models for Architecture, Construction, Industrial Design and any activity that needs the connection to a computer to manipulate materials according to digital instructions.
Born as an idea-to-model company, Monolito became 6 years ago the Solido3d branch to distinguish design & engineering area from additive fabrication & rapid manufacturing. Actually the company has over 1300 clients, most of them international, from industry, architectural, engineering, production, design, inventors, events and products distribution.


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RESHAPE ® is very please to introduce the international jury of this competition. A panel of experts from the fields of computational design, digital fabrication and communication will evaluate ten winning projects.
Projects will be evaluated by the jury in a scale from 1 to 10 in the following categories: concept idea / innovation / fabrication. In the second stage the network will identify ten more projects through an open vote on Facebook based on the numbers of like for each project. In this round, winners proposal selected by the jury will be excluded.



This is a digital competition; hard copy proposals will not be accepted. The language of the competition is English. All entries are to be submitted via email on/or before midnight January 31st, 2014 GMT.
Board size is set at A3 format. Please do not exceed 5 presentation boards set in landscape view. Board resolution must be 150 dpi, RGB color mode in JPEG format. Entry identification code (which was generated during registration) must be positioned in the upper right corner with required dimensions of 40 x 10 mm. No other forms of identification permitted. Disqualification of entries may occur if the guidelines are not met. Entries are encouraged to include all necessary information to clearly explain the proposal. The choice of the graphic representation is completely open to the entry team. A 500 Word Description has to be included in one of the panels.



October 01st, 2013 Online registration made available at (necessary for identification code)
November 15th, 2013 Questions at
November 30th, 2013 Answers available online
January 25th, 2014 subscriptions deadline 16:00 GMT
January 31st, 2014 submissions deadline 23:59 GMT

February, 2014
EVALUATION / network
March, 2014

June, 2014


All winners will be included in the online platform of RESHAPE. In the website there will be a direct link to each project and personal profile for each designer, so winners will be connected to the network of makers and customers.
For each product sold, royalties of 10% of sale will be recognized to the designer.

The ten winners selected by the jury will be invited to take part to specific tallers in several Fablabs connected to the competition.

All proposals will be presented in different exhibition around the world.

The contest organizer has the right to use the materials submitted for educational purposes, always quoting the source, without any form of remuneration for the designers.
By entering the competition, participants accept all the rules of the present brief.
Any infringement will be notified and evaluated by the jury.
Presenting their project proposal, the participant declares that is totally aware and agree to all contents of the competition.


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